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Sergio: ‘Larsen’s Tackle Scared Us’

Sergio Gonzalezcoach of Cadizconsidered the victory of Celta de Vigo (3-0) fair, in a match in which, in his opinion, the entrance of the Norwegian Larsen in the second half was decisive because his physique “scared” his players.

“In the first part we have been quite good, we have handcuffed them well and they have done few things. But the exit of his striker scared us, the second plays were no longer for us and then that Aspas appearance was decisive. We have a jaw of glass right now and that goal has hurt us. We were not able to react and his second goal has already killed us”, he stated.

In his appearance before the journalists, he insisted that the departure of the Norwegian attacker did “a lot of damage” to his team because “he sank us a little more with him on the field, we got scared”.

“The road is the first part. We are in a bad moment, we are not doing things well and it is time to accept criticism. We are far from what we want to be, it is reality. We are not here to sell the bike to anyone,” he said.

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