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San Mamés is not a fort for Marcelino

Marcelino and his players have been insisting for some time now on the need to turn San Mamés into a fort. Quite a goal in order to consolidate another as important or more as is the return of Athletic to European competitions via the League. The numbers, at the moment, do not add up as far as the field factor refers.

The comparison with the first six home games of the ten previous leagues clearly reflects that the Bilbao team is not on the right track in this regard with the Asturian coach on the bench. The barrier of ten points harvested by the rojiblancos in San Mamés in this championship were surpassed in six of these previous editions and equaled in one. The remaining three, logically, are below the ten-point boundary.

The highest record coincided with the first season of Valverde’s second stage on the Athletic bench. The lions then added a total of 14 points as a result of their victories against Osasuna, Celta, Betis and Villarreal and the draws against Valencia and Elche. It would be necessary to clarify, that yes, that the first of those commitments, against the Navarrese, had as scene Anoeta, since the new San Mamés was then in works.

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The next duel against the Vigo team was held in the modern rojiblanco stadium, the first in history, although without the south end grandstands built. The lions concluded that League in fourth position, Champions zone, with a final baggage at home of 13 victories, 4 tables and 2 defeats. This was indeed a fort.

In the last year of the Valverde era, the second best record of this last decade was produced. The rojiblancos then reaped 13 points. The same record, curiously, as that added by Athletic at the start of the second season of Gaizka Garitano, the first full since he relieved Berizzo.

It should also be noted as relevant data that in each and every one of the four campaigns of Valverde’s second cycle, Athletic surpassed the 10-point barrier in its first six league games in San Mamés. From the 14 of the 2013-14 it was lowered to the 11 of the 2014-15, the 12 of the 2015-16 and the already commented 13 of the 2016-17.

Garitano, meanwhile, also garnered more points in these half a dozen appointments of the regularity tournament in San Mamés last season. Campaign in which he ended up being dismissed. The lions then got a total of 13 points from their 4 victories (Levante, Sevilla, Betis and Huesca), although they suffered 2 defeats (Cádiz and Celta).

-The worst, with Berizzo-

The situation with the deriotarra coach in the year of his dismissal compared to the one experienced years ago with Berizzo on the bench did not seem anything mathematically speaking. The lions added a total of 6 points in their first six home commitments with the Argentine coach (win against Leganés, draws with Huesca, Madrid and Valencia and losses against Villarreal and Real). With Ziganda, a year earlier, the bar stood at 8 points (wins against Girona and Sevilla, draws against Getafe and Villarreal and defeats with Atlético Madrid and Barça).

The two years of Bielsa, finally, added 9 and 10 points, respectively, in San Mamés in the first six days. Marcelino, for the moment, they remain in the ten.

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