Rodrygo Presents His Candidacy To Take Over From Benzema thumbnail

Rodrygo Presents His Candidacy To Take Over From Benzema

Rodrygo He presented against Mallorca his candidacy to take over from Benzema as center forward for Real Madrid. The Brazilian scored a goal and gave another to Vinicius occupying that position. Ancelotti put him in ‘nine’ after removing hazard that until that moment was in charge of being the ‘nine’ of Madrid. An assignment that the Belgian never fulfilled and from the bench he saw how Rodrygo did everything that he had not been able to do while he was on the pitch.

Rodrygo He wants this to be his season of consolidation at Real Madrid, but as a starter, not as a shock. The Brazilian player does not have it easy because Anceloti have located Valverde on the right, where Rodrygo would play.

Now, with the drop in Benzema and his good performances. the Brazilian is on his way to being Real Madrid’s ‘nine’ when the Frenchman is not there, which is very bad news for hazard that, until now, was the chosen one to play there.

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