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Real Madrid: The unusual of Ancelotti

After almost a month and a half of competition between League and Champions, there are several players in the Real Madrid that have not yet been released for various reasons. Total, Ancelotti He has already played in his second stage with the Whites in 8 games (7 in the League and 1 in the Champions League) and has used 20 of the 25 players from the first team plus the three homegrown players. Santos, Miguel Gutiérrez and Antonio Blanco.

Thus, those who have not yet released their minute locker are: Lunin, Vallejo, Mendy, Ceballos and Mariano. The reasons are obviously different in each case, although in those of Mendy and Ceballos they have a common denominator: injuries.

Not so in the cases of Lunin, Vallejo and Mariano that have been available to the technician for most of the time but he has not considered it necessary to ‘use’ them. And it is that the competition that all of them have in their position is fierce. Lunin against Courtois. Vallejo in front of Militao, Nacho and Alaba and Mariano in view of Benzema. Almost nothing.

Therefore, the truth is that their reappearance is not yet expected until at least the Cup qualifying rounds where all the coaches usually give minutes to the less usual but who do not arrive on the calendar until the month of January, so they will still have to continue working on the shadow.

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