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Real Madrid: The Second Parts Are Good

It is said that in the jungle “the law of the strongest” prevails. And something similar happens in the games played by Real Madrid. those of Ancelottiwith the extraordinary and indispensable help of the physical trainer Antony Pintus, They merge their rivals and finish them off in a second half in which they add, this season, 14 goals for and none against.

64 shots on goal by the white team compared to 36 by their rivals in the second 45 minutes. Seven goals from the 70th minute and 13 from the 60th -the other was in the 56th minute-. 70% of Real Madrid’s goals have come in second parts that explain the full, seven out of seven, with which those of ‘Carlett’ They have started the campaign.

And it is that of these seven games, in only two the real Madrid he has gone ahead at the break, against Eintracht Frankfurt in the European Super Cup and in his visit to Celta de Vigo. They came back against Almería (1-0 to 1-2) and broke the tie against Espanyol (1-1 to 1-3), Betis (1-1 to 2-1), Celtic Glasgow (0-0 to 0 -3) and Mallorca (1-1 to 4-1).

A virtue of the white team that remains from last season, in which the form of the players was key to the historic comebacks in the ‘Champions League’ on the way to the 14th ‘orejona’.

and here comes in Antony Pintus. After the departure of Zinedine Zidane, the Italian was the star signing of a summer of 2021 in which the incorporation of the long-awaited star escaped, this one on the green –Kylian Mbappe-. He arrived to alleviate the plague of injuries from the previous campaign -62- and ended up being essential to understand the successes of Real Madrid.

This season renewed challenges and faced the planning of a unique season in history, due to the break in the major leagues for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, which will be played from November 20 to December 18. And, so far, it more than meets expectations.

Of course, the white team’s transfer policy in recent markets has also helped. With the arrival of Camavinga, Tchouaméni, Rüdiger and Alaba as the latest examples of privileged soccer players in the physical section. This, together with the great evolution in this aspect of Vinicius and Rodrygo, Together with a Luka Modric who, with just turned 37, continues at the highest level, they mark the roadmap of a Real Madrid that simmers its games to end up defeating, for the moment, all the rivals it has faced.

Also, Ancelotti What happened in the second year of his first stage at Real Madrid is fresh in his mind, when the team fell physically after linking 22 consecutive victories in the first part of the season. A mistake that he already showed last season that he was not going to make again, and in this one he announced rotations that he is fulfilling according to his sensations on a day-to-day basis in Valdebebas.

“If my eyes see that a player is tired and the data says the same, the player is going to rest. If my eyes see that the player is fine on the pitch and the data says he is tired, the player plays,” he recently assured. the technician.

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