Real Madrid | Kroos and his curious story with Celta, who returns this Saturday

the idyll between Kroos and the Celta Vigo It is something as curious as it is inexplicable. Well, the German, without being a footballer who stands out for his status as a scorer, has the Vigo team as his clear favorite victim and is a ‘danger’ every time he crosses the path of the sky-blues.

With 16 clashes between League Y Cup that the German has played against Vigo since 2014 and in which he has won 12 times, tied three and lost in a single game, he has scored six goals. The last one, without going any further, last year.

And it is that with half a dozen goals, the Celtic is the rival in Spain the one who has scored the most goals, being the second the Valencia with four targets or the Athletic Bilbao with three. Quite a clear advantage.

Balaids, special square

And it is also that, not only with the Madrid mark on balaídos but he also did it with Germany In a friendly match against Spain, his goal served to give the victory to the Teutons on November 14, 2014.

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