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Real Madrid | Glasner ambitious: ‘We want to come back with the trophy’

The coach of Eintracht Frankfurt, Oliver Grasnerhighlighted on Tuesday the importance that Mario Gotze in the party of European Super Cup against him real Madridhis footballing quality and his experience in this type of match.

“I am glad that Mario has come, that he has been integrated since the beginning of the season and brings us his quality and his experience,” he said. Oliver Glasnerat the pre-match press conference, in Helsinki.

“For him it is not something completely new to play matches against teams like Real Madrid. For others perhaps,” he added. Gotze He has been one of the key signings of the Eintracht for this season and hopes to return to the level of the times when he was one of the best players in Germany.

Of real Madrid, pointed out that it is a “very safe” team when it has the ball and “also with the speed on the counterattack”. “We want to play with self-confidence, a compact defense, with a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of desire. I am confident that we can pose problems when real Madrid. We want to go to Frankfurt with the trophy,” she commented.

About the French madridista Karim Benzema, he indicated: “He is elusive, he has a great quality to define and a good movement inside the area. But the important thing that other players like Vinicius, Valverde, Rodrygo, or whoever plays, do not give him the pass. We have to be compact so they have as little space as possible.”

“We are not afraid, there is always an opportunity, as we showed in the Europa League. Being here is the reward for having won that competition. When you play against the winner of the Champions League, you know you are playing against a team of great quality. We know what we can do. An exceptional team is waiting for us,” he said.

Glasner He also referred to the departure of Philip Kostic, one of the key players in the previous season, and admitted that it was a loss. “Sportingly, it’s a loss. It’s clear. But when someone leaves, it also represents an opportunity. We have to think like that and get our full potential”, he pointed out. “A Philip I wish him well. We owe him a lot,” he recalled. Glasner.

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