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Real Madrid-Fiorentina: three hot operations

Relations between Real Madrid and Fiorentina are very good. The assignment of Odriozola Last summer he opened a bridge between the two clubs that could lead to new transfers in the future. In fact, from Italy they already point out that The Florence team wants to take the opportunity to negotiate for two other players who currently belong to Madrid, but whose future is in the air.

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As the medium progresses The Nazione, in the middle of the historic Italian city and with good fountains within the Fiore, the club leaders have Borja Mayoral in their sights for the January market. It would be the substitute for Dusan Vlahovic, which has decided not to renew and for which they hope to get a good amount this winter. The one from Parla, on loan to Roma, has lost prominence since the arrival of Mourinho and they want to take advantage of the complicated situation to convince him. However, he is not the only white footballer who interests them, and it is that Luka Jovic, substitute with Ancelotti, is also on the list of future players. In this case, they hope that the good relationship with the Serbian’s agent, Fali Ramadani, who already has two footballers in the squad (Milenkovic and Nastasic) will make the difference. Always according to the media, Madrid would welcome the arrival of Mayoral and Jovic to Fiorentina.


This is not the only business that Madrid and Fiore are up to. The Nazione also informs that in Florence they are delighted with the performance of Álvaro Odriozola and hope to be able to include a purchase option for the future. For this, a meeting has been scheduled between the two directives with the intention of discussing it. In this case, the most important thing will be to convince the player that, although he is happy in his new team, he still has the idea of ​​succeeding in white and that is why the loan signed last summer was only for one season and without a purchase option.

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