Real Madrid can spend 7 times more on salaries than Barcelona thumbnail

Real Madrid can spend 7 times more on salaries than Barcelona

First Division clubs they already know the new maximum amount they can spend on the cost of their templates (payments to players, coaches, coaching staff, subsidiary …) during this season. After the market close, the employers have readjusted the accounts of the teams and may allocate a maximum of 2,277 million euros in payroll. An amount higher than a year ago mainly for one reason: the return of the public to the stadiums.

Real Madrid remains for the second consecutive year as the team with the highest salary cap (739.16 million euros) and demonstrates its economic muscle by increasing it by almost 270 million compared to the previous season. Javier Tebas has praised the economic management of the whites on numerous occasions and has come to ensure that he has the capacity to sign Mbappé and Haaland at the same time. The Barcelona, which for many years has been the one that could allocate the most money to this concept, It has become the seventh in LaLiga that can spend the most to pay its players (€ 97.94M, 284.77 less than last season). His economic problems are known to all and especially with this salary limit, which has prevented Messi from renewing as a Barça player and leaving for PSG. Ahead of Catalans are Sevilla (€ 200.39M), Atlético (€ 171.60M), Villarreal (€ 159.29M), Real Sociedad (€ 127.70M) and Athletic (€ 111.81M). The fall of the Catalans is so outstanding that Madrid has seven times the limit.

First salary limits

2021-22 2020-21
Real Madrid 739.16 468.52
Seville 200.39 185.8
Athletic 171.6 252.72
Villarreal 159.29 145.24
Real society 127.7 100.87
Athletic 111.81 119.81
Barcelona 97.94 382.71
Spanish 77.87 45.34
Betis 70.86 71.3
Celtic 65.53 62.51
Getafe 64.47 52.58
Osasuna 56.23 46.63
grenade 53.49 56.48
Majorca 46.12 19.04
Cadiz 45.38 41.08
Alaves 42.85 41.08
Lightning 41.82 16.41
Elche 41.52 34.6
I raised 32.1 37.61
Valencia 30.98 103.39
TOTAL 2,277.11 2,283.72

Of the 20 teams that make up the First Division, seven (Atlético, Athletic, Barcelona, ​​Betis, Granada, Levante and Valencia) have a lower limit this year. It is surprising to see a historic player like Valencia being the one who can spend the least on this concept (€ 30.98M). They are followed at the bottom of this ranking by Levante (€ 32.10M), Elche (€ 41.52M) and Rayo (€ 41.82M).

Real Madrid increased its salary limit by 310 million euros for transfer income (€ 18M) and for pulling its own funds (€ 292.56M). In addition to the whites, the clubs that have managed to increase their cap thanks to transfer benefits were Sevilla (€ 24.51M), Getafe (€ 7.6M) and Granada (€ 0.05M). While many have used part of the 15% of the money offered by CVC in the LaLiga Impulso program. That part of that 15% that they do not use, they will be able to use in the next or in the third season. But those amounts will be reduced in the next five seasons.

What is the salary limit, who and how is it calculated?

The Sports Template Cost Limit is the concept that collects the maximum amount each club can spend on salaries intended for players, coach, assistant coach and physical trainer (registrable squad), as well as in the branch, the quarry and other sections of the club (non-registrable template). It is the pillar within the Economic Control that is carried out in LaLiga since Javier Tebas became president of LaLiga in 2013 and whose legislation was drafted by Javier Gómez, in his day corporate general secretary who now, after leaving LaLiga and assigning his put José Guerra, he returns to the employer to add his experience in the agreement with CVC.

The section on registrable sports staff includes fixed and variable salary remunerations (whether they are payments in money or in kind such as a house, a car or a trip …), remuneration for transfer of image rights, the amortization of transfers, Social Security contributions, compensation for the termination of contracts, collective premiums, acquisition expenses when having to pay premiums to representatives …

Its calculation is made from the difference between income (for television rights, commercials, ticketing …) of structural expenses and the repayment of the debt expected throughout the season. Each team is the one that elaborates its own salary limit, being able to even put an amount below its ceiling, but always complying with the rules of LaLiga’s Economic Control and that must be approved by the Validation Body. In case of having a salary limit that does not guarantee the stability of the club, this body will reduce it to an amount that if it made it possible, except for some specific concessions. Salary limits are calculated with objective mathematical formulas without any individual subjectivity.

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