Real Madrid, 30 shots for a goal … from a penalty thumbnail

Real Madrid, 30 shots for a goal … from a penalty

The Real Madrid showed an alarming lack of goal against him Sheriff, something that ended up costing him the defeat against the modest champion of Moldova. According to UEFA statistics, the white team made a total of 30 shots, of which 11 were between the three sticks.

Real Madrid finished a lot, but only achieved one goal and it was a penalty, which he transformed Benzema. The white team encountered their poor aim and Athanasiadis, the Sheriff’s goalie who stopped it all. Real Madrid has gone from showing their scoring muscle to seeing how against Villarreal and Sheriff, they have had many problems to score.

What he has not lost is his defensive weakness. The Sheriff made a total of four shots, three of which were between the three suits. That was enough for him to score two goals at the Bernabéu and take the victory.

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