Raúl reveals what happened at his home on the day of his debut with Real Madrid thumbnail

Raúl reveals what happened at his home on the day of his debut with Real Madrid

On February 11, the Prime Video audiovisual content platform belonging to the giant Amazon will premiere a docuseries starring Real Madrid (‘Real Madrid, the white legend’).

It will be a series of 6 chapters in which several merengue personalities will talk about their history in the club and how it has so much influence in the world of sports.


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Thus, one of the voices that appears in the third episode is that of Raul González Blanco, club legend and, among other things, second-highest scorer in history. The ‘7’, now coach of the Castileremembers in a nice scene what happened in his house in the Colonia Marconi (San Cristobal de los Angeles, Madrid) the day that, at the age of 17, he was called up to play with the first team.

“I was already wearing the first team tracksuit and when my father came home from work he told me what was I doing like that if I played on Sunday (with the quarry). There I told him that I was going with the first team. I remember there was soup that day and my father was unable to put a spoon in his mouth,” says Raul.

nap on the bus

Later, the legendary white captain also recalled the hours before his debut in Saragossa. “I was traveling on a bus on my way to Saragossa knowing that he was going to be a starter. I fell asleep, Jorge Valdano I thought I would be nervous, but the nerves came on game day. I felt uncertainty about what was going to happen. Against him Saragossa I had many very clear chances and I failed them all”, he commented between laughs.

“I already thought they weren’t going to give me another chance. Luckily they kept trusting and in the next game I was able to solve it,” said the former Madridista player.

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