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Rafa Mir: “It’s a shame, but we will continue to trust this group”

Rafa Mirscorer of Sevilla’s goal in Pamplona, he left disappointed by the result in El Sadar but satisfied with the team’s game. The Murcian protested the decision that marked the final outcome of the clash, a very doubtful penalty from Papu Gómez to Moncayola.

It’s a shame we didn’t leave with something else from here. The team has competed well and everything has been decided by a very fair penalty. It’s a shame, but we will continue to work and trust in this group, which achieved the goal last year and will fight for it again. I’m sure it will come out and the results will come with this great group”, commented the forward from Nervion.

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Rafa Mir has insisted on the penalty play. “It was a very close game with both teams going at their best. It is decided by a penalty, that the other day they give us a talk saying that they are not going to whistle and today the first time they whistle us. In the end, those things decide the games”, he pointed out before assessing his individual performance, with a goal included:” After being unemployed for 10 days I have felt good. In the end, something fair, after so long without working at the rhythm of the teammates, but good”.

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