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Puyol: “Barcelona Can Compete Face To Face With Everyone”

Carles Puyol is convinced that Barcelona “He can compete one on one” with the favourites, both in LaLiga against Madrid and in the Champions League, “against Madrid because of his competitive gene, the English or PSG”, whom he cited among the contenders to win the title European. The former Barça captain spoke to the media at the sixth edition of the XAP charity paddle tennis tournament, which was held at the Sant Cugat Junior Club.

Puyol praised planting sport to have the team that the team has: “I see Barça doing well, a very good job has been done, there is a very good squad and we have to compete for all the titles. The team is getting better and better.” He insisted that “I am convinced that Barcelona can fight Madrid one on one, a very good job has been done and now it’s up to Xavi, the players and the fans to be all united”. He claimed that “in difficult times there isn’t much debate, I know it’s your job (addressing the press), but you have to listen to all opinions and work together”.

It is clear to him that at Barça there is no other option than to compete: “Barça will always be fighting for titles, whether signing or betting on people from home. It has been recorded very well, but very good home players are coming who with continuity can give a lot of joy. We have to congratulate the sports management”. And, regarding the fight for LaLiga, he stated that “it will be a lot of points, I remember the Leagues of more than ninety points and it will be like that”. For Puyol, “transition years at Barcelona it’s difficult for them to exist, even if you say you want to play well and win, at Barcelona the demand is very high”.

“Lewandowski, one of the best”

He praised Lewandowski: “He is one of the best nines in the world, an impressive player who dominates many registers. He is not only a finisher: he downloads a lot, knows how to hold on the ball and combine. Will he win the Ballon d’Or? Hopefully. It would be a good sign, he deserves it for the years he has been doing, but he will have to earn it”. In the comparison with Benzema, he pointed out that “it is difficult to choose, Benzema has been putting up with Madrid for years, since Cristiano left, and Lewandowski has also had some very good years”.

The substitution of Piqué and Alba

Regarding the substitution of his friend Piqué, he pointed out that “it is true that the defense has been greatly strengthened, but Gerard is a great player, if it is 100% it is very important, and it will be for the team and to contribute his experience in the locker room”. He is aware of the difficulty of assuming the bench: “It depends on each one, but over the years your perspective changes and you understand more that you can help from the outside”, he pointed out. And he used his own experience as an example: “I have passed here. If I didn’t play, I could feel bad, but last year I told Tata to put me on, because that last year I understood that although I felt good to play, Bartra needed minutes for when the important games came”.


The XAP padel charity tournament, in pictures

Photos: Pep Morata / MD

And concluded, about the situation from Piqué himself or Alba, who “I am convinced that they will look out for the team. The players want to play, but they are competitive, they are winners, and what they have to do is train hard and be fully prepared. I am convinced that the team will need them and if they don’t prepare every day they cannot be to the level that they have been until now”.

As for the eternal debate about the impurity of counterattack goals, Puyol was clear: “Also Pep in the City He has Haaland, who is very good on the counterattack. You have an identity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t score strategically or against it”.

As for Madrid, he pointed out that “they have a competitive gene impressive and they are one of the favorites for the Champions League, although Barcelona with the squad they have will be among the favourites”.

did not close the door a return of Messi to Barcelona: “The contract ends, many things can happen. It depends on him, on Xavi, many things can happen”. And, regarding him, he pointed out that “I am following football and learning”, in order to one day return to the world of football, although he reiterated that “as a coach it is difficult, their hair falls out and I don’t even have the title”.

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