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PSG raises suspicions and alerts UEFA

ANDhe PSG is back in the spotlight. If yesterday LaLiga’s public complaint against the entity -and Manchester City- was known for what they consider a breach of financial fairplay, today the newspaper ‘L’Equipe’ reports that PSG’s accounts are once again being watched by UEFA.

The journalist Etienne Moatti publishes that “PSG had to respond to a “request for information” about their accounts by experts in ‘financial fair play’ by the club financial control body (ICFC) of the UEFA.

If it is shown that it is violating the norm, UEFA could even disqualify PSG from all competitions

Toni Roca, CEO of the Sports Law Institute

When the PSG answers the ICFC’s questions and a detailed examination of the data is carried out, it will be decided whether or not to open a procedure against the Parisian club, which had losses of 224.3 million euros in the 2020-2021 academic year.

The beginning of the problems dates back to 2014when he was forced to sign a “conciliation agreement” with the ICFC (in fact, the sanctions were accepted by the club so as not to be punished more harshly) including a €60 million fine.

already in June 2018, Parisian accounts investigated for months to judge the real value of PSG sponsorship contracts, the ICFC investigation room closed the file “without follow-up”. Ultimately, however, the investigation was reopened… albeit the TAS would end up filing the case.

LaLiga has denounced PSG for infringing fair play

LaLiga has already submitted its complaint to PSG and Manchester City before UEFA for infringing financial fair play.

Javier Thebes explained the impossibility of PSG renewing Mbappé with the losses he has suffered in recent seasons: “PSG are going to end up with losses of 200 kilos, they have already dragged 300… and they go and renew Mbappé with those amounts. Cheating they are going to have to do, I don’t know if paying outside the French environment or fattening up sponsorships a lot, which they already do”.

Tebas: “Some data that no one believes… And they renew Mbappé”

On these points, PSG did not want to comment. The League had already filed a complaint with UEFA on August 22, 2017 against PSG after the signing of Mbappé and Neymar for a total of more than 400 million euros. Ten days later, the European body opened a “formal investigation”.

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