Porcinos FC, the Pro Clubs of Twitch Spain, rises and already has an official shirt thumbnail

Porcinos FC, the Pro Clubs of Twitch Spain, rises and already has an official shirt

NNobody knows how, but it seems that the good news is finally reaching Porcinos FC. The most famous FIFA 22 Pro Club team in all of Twitch has been promoted from division, thanks to an outstanding performance by its members. The streamers at the controls of the players are changing, but the spirit of improvement remains intact.

The glory has been achieved by Porcinos FC, a club that has managed to score more goals than it concedes, the key to success in football. No one could have foreseen that FIFA 22 would be so present on the cover of Twitch Spain, but the facet of Pro Clubs has surprised locals and strangers for its infinite possibilities.

Porcinos FC rises in division to the surprise of Twitch Spain

What has served as a surprise to start May is the promotion of the division by Porcinos FC. Undoubtedly the grace of the common project is the different qualities on the part of its membersWell, the hard-working talent of DjMaRiiO has nothing to do with the level that Polispol (for example) shows game after game, always with effort ahead.

In the last event of Porcinos FC, the streamers Ampeter, Ander Cortés, Polispol, Papi Gavi, Zorman, Karchez, JaviDMr, Pato de Aqualand, Fran Luque, Ibai Llanos and the stars DjMaRiiO and Spursito. This assumes temporary casualties such as Siro López, AuronPlay, in favor of LondonEye, or JuanSGuarnizo, due to technical problems that temporarily placed Ampeter in goal.

T-shirts specifically designed for Porcinos FC

Despite continuous complaints from Ibai Llanos, regarding the FIFA 22 Pro Clubs system, Porcinos FC has continued its path of victories, to the point of being recognized by international circulation marks. One of them has designed a specific t-shirt for the Twitch Spain team. And the result could certainly be marketed.

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