Pochettino confirms that Ramos is close to reappearing thumbnail

Pochettino confirms that Ramos is close to reappearing

More than four months after arriving in Paris, Sergio Ramos The medical report that PSG usually offers before each game has finally disappeared. After two weeks of group training, the center-back is much better and it is not ruled out that he could make his debut against Nantes: “I have a pending meeting with the doctors. I’ll decide later, ”he said Pochettino at a press conference marked by the possible premiere of the former Real Madrid.

This morning he returned to exercising normally at Camp des Loges together with Messi, with whom he seems to get along wonderfully. However, his coach did not want to confirm that he may still be in a position to start: “He has trained three times with his teammates and the progression is very good. He has endured the workloads and has been patient. This situation has not been easy because he is a world champion, with great competitiveness, and he wants to play, but we had to be careful, “he added.

Messi and Ramos, in the last PSG training session

Messi and Neymar they participated in the pre-session before facing Nantes. It was all good news for Pochettino, what do you see how Kimpembe and Verratti they have also left the infirmary. The Argentine coach, however, does not want to rush with anyone. The season is long and the doctors will have the last word. PSG has nine commitments in a month ahead and you have to manage the minutes of each one.

Waiting for the best Messi and the best Neymar, Mbappe has been in charge of leading PSG in recent weeks. Although Pochettino He does not want to take more credit than necessary in improving Kylian: “More than responsible, I feel like a companion. The credit always goes to the footballers because they are the ones who put the motivation to be better and better. He is young and with the potential to continue progressing over the years ”, assured his coach.

On the words of Raiola in relation to what Donnarumma he will finish as a starter in the arc, Pochettino he opted for a diplomatic speech. Without getting wet: “The environment of any footballer considers that they have a number one at home. My wife also believes that I am the best coach in the world and I say no. I defend my son to the death. And we empathize with the environments better than anyone else because we also have. I remember when I was training Espanyol. My children suffered for not being from Barça despite living in Barcelona ”, he concluded.

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