Perisic gives Inter the eighth Coppa in a crazy final against Juventus thumbnail

Perisic gives Inter the eighth Coppa in a crazy final against Juventus

ANDhe eternal Ivan Perisic gave victory in the Coppa Italia final to Inter Milan 2-4 against Juventus at the Olympic in Rome. The interista team brings to its showcase the eighth title of the KO tournament after a truly crazy match that had everything and that also leaves the blank season at the level of titles for the team led by Maximiliano Allegri.

The Inter started ‘bossy‘, taking possession of the ball without hesitation from the start and forcing Juve out of the cave. And very soon Inzaghi’s men found a prize in the first attack with some relevance. Brozovic faced inside, opened the band to Barella and this, after two feints, raised the periscope and put it with the inside on the long stick before the eyes of Perin.

The 25-year-old midfielder left the staff speechless with such a shot from the front, also helped by the ineffectiveness of Juve’s defense, too contemplative when the international took the direct. 0-1 after 7 minutes… and Allegri’s men had to react. Dybala and Cuadrado were the ones who gradually warmed up and began to add arrivals to the area. The ‘jewel’ had two, but the clearest was for a desperate Vlahovic, who saw Handanovic pull out a prodigious hand to avoid a tie that half the stands already took for granted.

However, the jug of cold water for the Vecchia Signora came before the break with Danilo’s muscle injury that accelerated the Morata’s entry in the crash. A clash that had the advantage over Milan and that demanded a more effective reaction from the Bianconneri side. And in the second act this was carried out without delay, without a doubt… and with the Spanish striker as the saving figure.

The man from Madrid deflected a low shot from Alex Sandro after five minutes, that picked up a clearance from the interistas behind, and shortly after, three minutes specifically, he gave a perfect deep pass into space to leave Vlahovic alone. The Serb sat down D’Ambrosio, who dived desperately to avoid the heads-up, then his shot cleared it with the Handanovic face…but in the rejection he did not fail. 2-1, maximum madness in Rome and a turn of the omelette that would not be the last. As the minutes went by, the Turin team took steps back… and ended up paying for it.

An Doubtful penalty committed between De Ligt and Bonucci on Lautaro he sent it to the same Calhanoglu squad to reset the panorama again and give one more brushstroke to a crazy final that was already a work of art and that would have 30 more minutes of prize… jackpot. In the first 15 Perisic emerged from the shadows, who showed off his power in both legs – first sending the squad a penalty committed by De Ligt on De Vrij – and then inventing a dry left foot that paved the way for the eighth Coppa interista.


2- YOUTH: Perine | Danilo (42′ Morata), De Ligt, Chiellini (84′ Arthur), Sandro (91′ Pellegrini) | Cuadrado, Zakaria (67′ Bonucci), Rabiot, Bernardeschi (67′ Locatelli), | Dybala and Vlahovic.

4- INTER: Handanović | Skriniar, De Vrij, D’Ambrosio (63′ Dimarco) | Darmian (63′ Dumfries), Barella, Brozovic’, Calhanoglu (91′ Arturo Vidal), Perisic | Lautaro (91′ Alexis) and Dzeko (63′ Correa).

goals: 0-1 7′ Barella. 1-1 50′ Morata. 2-1 53′ Vlahovic. 2-2 80′ Calhanoglu, penalty. 2-3 98′ perisic, penalty. 2-4 102′ perisic.

Referee: Paolo Valeri.

Stadium: Olympic in Rome (68,000 spectators).

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