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Pedri starts from scratch

The Pedri case has exploded in the hands of Xavi Hernández. The new slowdown that the young Canarian midfielder experienced this week in his recovery has triggered all the alarms in ‘Can Barça’. But this time, this new relapse in the quadriceps of the left leg, will not go unpunished and Will have consequences within medical services.

To begin with, he has been dismissed from the first team, and abruptly, the physiotherapist Xavi Linde, until now in charge of supervising Pedri’s recovery. In fact, Linde was already in the eye of the hurricane last month, in the previous relapse of the canary, with an open confrontation between technicians and physiotherapists, which culminated in a bitter discussion between the second of Ronald Koeman, Alfred Schreuder, and the then head of physiotherapy, Juanjo Brau. “If they did not end up in the hands, little was lacking”, assure the witnesses of that intense encounter, in which they mutually accused of the injury of the international.


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But Linde has not been the only victim of this new setback for Pedri, but the current medical manager of the first team, Lluís Til, will not supervise Pedri’s recovery. It will be the current head of physiotherapy of the first team, Carles Nogueira, who will personally direct the supervision and rehabilitation of the midfielder. Obviously, these new measures are pending the landing of the doctor Ricard pruna, Xavi’s most trusted person, who continues to eagerly seek an agreed exit from his current club, Sharjah of the Emirates, to join FC Barcelona as soon as possible.

The priority objective of this series of radical measures is to put an end to the endless loop of relapses and bad feelings, which have left the player practically unprecedented at this start of the season. Remember that Since September 14, when he was injured against Bayern, he has already accumulated three relapses.

Thus, schedules and return deadlines are parked to focus exclusively on recovering the thigh of the left leg. The idea is for Pedri to start his recovery from scratch, as if it were the first injury and setting new guidelines for rehabilitation, because as important as the physical aspect is the mental and, right now, Pedri is literally sunk, after this new obstacle in his career.

Furthermore, from Xavi’s staff it is considered that gross errors have been made in Pedri’s recovery guidelines that must be corrected immediately. For this reason, The idea is to make a clean sweep and for Pedri to start his rehabilitation, without the burden of the last two months.

No hurries, neither emergencies or arreones, following a guideline set by the specialists and with the priority objective of recovering the quadriceps 100%. The The slogan set by Xavi’s new staff is as clear as it is resounding: “Neither emergencies, nor haste, nor relapses”.

In addition, the tribute to the player to have the last word regarding his recovery at the time of discharge also ended. Now, the feelings of the player will be taken into account in the assessment, but in no case will they be final with respect to the final decision.

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