“Other things prevail than the health of the players” thumbnail

“Other things prevail than the health of the players”

Athletic Feminine receives Atlético tomorrow (7:00 p.m.) in the match postponed in December due to the Covid cases suffered by the mattress squad. The appointment comes at a time of great concentration of matches for the rojiblancas and just before playing against Barça this Sunday in Lezama. Iraia Iturregi Today he has shown his disagreement with the date chosen by the Federation, especially when there was an agreement between the two clubs to play later.

“For us you have been a setback. We already had the planning in mind. Play Wednesday-Sunday and then a week to prepare for the Barça match. Last Wednesday we found out that we have to play another game and against another very direct rival against whom you play a lot. That lack of organization in the First Division has made us feel a little bad, when you are playing so much and there are so many hopes placed on it”, said Loiu’s coach.

“That lack of organization in the First Division has made us feel a little bad, when you are playing so much and there are so many hopes placed”

Iraia IturregiWomen’s Athletic Coach

In addition, the circumstance occurs that after playing against the Catalans the competition stops again. “My team has to play six games in a row Wednesday-Sunday and then there are another two weeks of break. These are things that are difficult to understand when Atlético and Athletic had already agreed to play on a later date, especially thinking about the health of the players. But we already know that this is becoming more and more like men’s football. Other things prevail more than the health of the soccer players ”, he has affirmed.

In any case, the woman from Loiu added that tomorrow she will go out with everything in order to close the gap with the Madrid team, who are fourth with six points more than the Bilbao team: “We are playing against a direct rival, we are going to go all out, we we played a lot. Against Barça we will also go with everything”.

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The Federation devises a strange formula for the 21-22 Cup

Carlos Zaballa

Another of the decisions that the women’s team did not like is the formula devised by the Federation for the draw for the round of 16 of the Cup. The eight teams that passed the previous round, including Athletic, will face the first qualifiers from the previous league. “We don’t understand this either. I understand that in the previous round we entered the teams that were not in the top eight the previous season. That classification of the last League already penalizes us. From that, the logical thing would have been a pure draw, but it turns out not. The eight that we have gone through cannot face each other and we have to do it against the top eight from last year. The Cup seems to go hand in hand with the League, as if it were a linked competition, when it is totally different. This is what I don’t understand. It was as easy as making a pure draw as it happens with the boys”, the coach protested.

“We have copied the format of the boys but we have not copied it well. In addition, the First teams do not have the field factor in our favor either. At least they grant us the field factor. They are two pieces of news that put you in a bad streak, but it is one more reason to go all together and get this going”, Loiu’s finished.

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