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Opportunity for redemption in Vallecas

The Athletic will try to break its losing streak of two consecutive losses in its visit to the Vallecano Ray (Sports City, 12 noon). A victory would allow the rojiblancas to storm the squares of Champions, since thirds would be placed exceeding the Atlético de Madrid.

Of course, they must close the waterways. In the last two stakes they have conceded seven goals while in the previous seven they only received four. To the already known casualties of Erika and Monente, due to injury, and Valdezate, sanctioned, yesterday the Yulema Corres. The striker suffered a sprain to the medial lateral ligament in her left knee during training.

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The Lightning appears to be a suitable rival. Figure in descent, with 4 points in the backpack after nine disputed commitments, however it is always a fighting team in its fiefdom. In addition, it is in a climate of struggle of the players against the club because they understand that they do not have “a work situation worthy of a team of First”.

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