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Offer of 368 million to buy Valencia

An old protagonist reappears in the social scene of Valencia. Miguel Zorío, vice president of the club in 2008 and 2009 during Vicente Soriano’s time as top manager, presented his project “to return Valencia to the Valencian players” and “finish the work on the new stadium”, which has been completely stopped for twelve years. The offer “consists of paying 248 million euros to Peter Lim for his shares and loans,” began Zorío, who pointed out that it also includes “the funds necessary to pay up to 120 million euros for the stadium, which would end in three years after we entered ”. The amount available to the Valencian businessman to recover the club “is 368 million in total” for the actions and works of the stadium.

Zorío, a communications entrepreneur, chose to publicize the details of his project the headquarters of the Agrupación de Peñas, rebel and currently estranged from Valencia after Anil Murthy expelled the supporters from the ground floor they occupied in Mestalla for having requested their resignation in summer 2020. “We have a firm buyout offer for Peter Lim. I deposited an offer with the notary of Ana Julia Roselló, who was with me at Valencia and is the club’s notary. Peter Lim has had the offer since last Friday in Singapore and at his company’s headquarters in Hong Kong. It has all the deposited guarantees and all the papers that show that this is firm and serious, “he said.

“A LOI (letter of intent) was presented to Peter Lim and deposited with the notary. This LOI will be valid until April. If he accepts the letter of intent, we have five months of exclusivity to negotiate the sale and I have 30 days to deposit the money in the bank and for him to verify that it is real. He will not be able to touch it until the audit is carried out and neither will he be able to auction the club to third parties, ”added the former vice president, who guaranteed that behind his proposal“ there is no other Peter Lim ”. “We have a foreign bank and an international construction company behind us that Lim will know if he signs the letter of intent. This operation will have financing that will be around 20 years and an interest rate that will not exceed 3% ”.

Zorío explained that the loan money would be returned to the bank “through the sale of packages of shares” that Zorío defends that the partners would buy. If the partners do not respond, that money would be contributed by different “sponsors” in a scenario that plans to avoid accumulating more debt.

“The Atlético model”

The role model is the same that Atlético de Madrid followed. “We have copied Atlético’s model, their situation was worse than ours because they didn’t pay the Treasury or Social Security. Miguel Ángel Gil is one of the best managers that Spanish football has and without him it would not be possible to be here ”, explained Zorío, who stressed that“ Valencia is worth zero patatero. Valencia is bankrupt ”.

“Peter Lim was handed the letter by hand last Friday. I have contact with one of Peter Lim’s best friends, who is above him on the Forbes list. Yesterday they arrived from Singapore good inputs about this offer, “said the businessman, who clarified that he has” nothing to talk about “with President Murthy and the rest of Lim’s employees in the city. “They are very well paid errands and the ones who have the least interest in this going forward. This decision is made in Singapore between Peter Lim and Lay Hoon, the only person Lim trusts. “

Zorío acknowledged that he would be president of Valencia if the operation took hold. His, he said, is the strongest offer Lim has to sell the club.

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