Not even with three goals ahead was there consistency, Athletic thumbnail

Not even with three goals ahead was there consistency, Athletic

To not believe, hey. Athletic, which offered a serious, inspired, solid first half with a punch to send anyone to the canvas, collapsed for no apparent reason like the ravines and the jungle over the favelas after a flood.

It was enough for Cádiz to throw caste to destroy the rojiblancos who melted like ice cream in the sun before hundreds of Bilbao fans in the stands who did not believe what they saw. Or yes, because they already experienced it against Celta a few days before.

It is the fate of this group. One little step forward and two steps back, like the title of Lenin in which he reasoned about the need to separate from the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks after the Second Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party. Revolutionizing their football, that’s what the ‘rojiblancos’ fans are also hoping for, fed up with not knowing what to expect, which Athletic they’re going to watch every five minutes.

From reinforced concrete to flan

Matches in which good football, high pressure, speed, verticality and arrival can be glimpsed. And others in which the team does not seem to know what it is playing or if something is being played. Even, as in Cádiz, within the same 90 minutes. From reinforced concrete to flan Dhul without a break in continuity. To keep a guy like Bordalás happy, or Santa Teresa de Jesús, what the hell.

I imagine Marcelino on the bench, desperately looking for reasons with which to excuse his pupils at the subsequent press conference. What if the expulsion, what if the mother of the lamb. Nonsense.

Toshack already said it, “on Mondays I think about changing eleven players, on Thursdays, four, and on Sunday I already think that the same eleven bastards have to play”. Well, that, perhaps there is no more.

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