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New Warning From Ancelotti For Marco Asensio And Hazard

Carlo Anceloti is very clear about his plan for this season and his pulse will not shake when making decisions. One of them took it against Espanyol and was not giving them a minute or Hazard or Marco Asensio. Both warmed up in the band, but in the end they stayed on the bench. Ancelotti preferred to bring on other players, such as Ceballos, who wasn’t even warming up, rather than them. Something that, from the outset, is surprising because Real Madrid needed to come back and Marco Asensio and Hazard are two attacking men.

Ancelotti He was asked about the fact that Hazard did not play for a minute. “hazard It could have been an option, but I didn’t want to throw the team off balance. He already had Rodrygo, Vinicius and Karim. Having put in another striker could have been risky. I have total confidence in him and it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t play a match, doesn’t come on the pitch or doesn’t warm up. He will have time to play”, said the Italian, to, yes, make it clear that “I am not the coach of Hazard, Benzema, Mendy, Camavinga or Valverde. I am a Real Madrid coach”. The truth is that Hazard has not been a starter in any official match and has barely had a few minutes, enough, yes, to miss a penalty against Celta. The Belgian has set himself the goal of being the same as before this season, but for now, Ancelotti has not given him opportunities and it does not look like he will count on him to start.

Mark Asensio, For his part, he is in a complicated situation at Real Madrid. His future is up in the air and Ancelotti hasn’t counted on him, beyond the barely 10 minutes he played against Celta. The Majorcan’s contract ends next year and the club has opened the exit door wide for him. Marco Asensio, for now, has not crossed it, but anything can happen until the market closes.

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