Neither gluten, nor milk, nor red meat to go back to the Red thumbnail

Neither gluten, nor milk, nor red meat to go back to the Red

Luis Enrique, for the decisive matches against Greece and Sweden, recovers Dani carvajal as a right back. Once the Madrid player is back in shape, the coach shows that he doesn’t give a damn in which team each player plays. CarvajalIn the last season, he barely played 15 games due to continuous injuries. Basically, after many months in the dry dock due to an injury to the internal lateral ligament of the knee, the muscle tears arrived (as we also see what happens at Barça and everywhere else). By not leaving one to enter another, the 29-year-old Leganés player has looked for the causes of misfortune in the way of training, resting, dosing and eating. There his change has been radical to the point that he has stopped taking gluten, has stopped drinking cow’s milk and has removed red meat from his diet. With this absolute change, your body and your muscles must help you more than you have done in recent times. At Barça they hallucinated when Rakitic He found out he was celiac, stopped gluten, and swapped Coke for water. His gut improved as much as his physical condition. Now, the applauded measures of Xavi They will cause the staff to have breakfast and lunch together in Sant Joan Despí. Hopefully collegiate discipline and monitoring of diets will be transformed into goals and points. If the body is fit, it all adds up

This is how Carvajal communicated the decision to make a new diet to improve his performance


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