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Nacho: “This victory doesn’t mean much more than three points”

Real Madrid defender nacho fernandez pointed out at the conclusion of the match, that his team came from behind this Sunday at Sevilla by 2-3 after going into the break with a 2-0 draw, that “this victory does not mean much more than three points”, although he acknowledged that ” Because of how the game was, it has been fundamental on a moral level”.

“In the second part we have been much superior. The team has put a lot of character”, he said Nachoscorer of the tie for two as soon as he entered the field, and added that “three points don’t mean anything yet.”

“They played better in the first half. It’s a team that puts a lot of pressure, but in the end I think we deserve the game,” the defender told Movistar.

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Nacho, on the controversial plays that occurred in the clash, stressed that “each one will shoot for his side” and that he did not want to “enter into controversies” and that he wants to “stay with the victory”.

“Each point and each victory brings us one step closer. Let’s keep going,” said Nacho, alluding to winning the League title.

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