Murcian referee Sánchez Martínez points to Atlético-Barcelona thumbnail

Murcian referee Sánchez Martínez points to Atlético-Barcelona

Jose Maria Sanchez Martinez, Murcian referee, points to the stellar match of the eighth day of the League that will be played next Saturday (9:00 p.m.) at the Metropolitan Wanda the Atlético de Madrid and the FC Barcelona, as it progressed Iusport.

Sánchez Martínez, recent debutant in the Champions League, was considered the best Spanish referee of 2020, and according to Iusport he has already been chosen to referee the game with the most pull of the next league day, although the Refereeing Committee will not make it official until Thursday.

In the First Division since 2015 and internationally since 2017, it did not debut in the top European competition until this season. The choice for a match of the importance between two contenders for the title such as Atlético, current champions, and Barça, confirms their rise in the consideration of the arbitration designators.

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