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Modric and Real Madrid’s ‘luck’: “Luck? That’s unfair, but they make us laugh”

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Luka modric aspires tomorrow to reach its fifth final of Champions League. If you don’t, you’ll stay in one semifinal, an award he has achieved more times than anyone else in the last decade of world football. Therefore, when the Croatian hears the word “luckA smile spreads across his face. “Let them think what they want. Reach as many semi-finals and winning so many Champions is not luck. The opinion is created that we we won but no one knows how. It’s unfair to say that, but it makes us laugh. Everyone can say what they want, we don’t care. To get to this point year after year, you can’t do it with luck alone, you have to have something else, quality, character, personality, faith… All that we have. This is what makes us great”, she declared forcefully at the press conference prior to the second leg of the semifinals against Manchester City.

The 2018 Ballon d’Or is next to Karim Benzema the leader of a locker room that wants its third continental party of the year at the Santiago Bernabeu. It will be “the most important game of the season” after a first leg match in which “we didn’t play our best game… And we scored three goals”. The atmosphere in the locker room after winning LaLiga is “very good” and playing at Chamartín is always a plus: “The history of this club plays a lot. All of these things have a lot to do with it.. We know what we have to do when we go out on this field. We never gave up, the club taught us that since we arrived. We have to show that we are Madrid, that we are the best team in the world. Have faith and personality and get the fans into the game from the beginning,” he concluded.

In that line of personality he also walked Carlo Ancelotti, which appealed to the heart but also to football. “If you get to a semi-final, you don’t get there just for the heart. It is an important part, because personality allows you to show qualitybut it’s not just the heart, it’s not just the Bernabéu, it will be due to individual quality, collective commitment,” he summarized.

The Italian coach confirmed the loss of David Alabawho has not recovered from the muscular discomfort that already prevented him from playing the first leg in its entirety, and admitted the “great opportunity” that they have to reach a new final. “It is very difficult, but it is an incredible opportunity.”

On a football level, he is not afraid of City and has “no doubts about the starting eleven. We’ll see who finishes the game.” “Sometimes you have to take risks and we have the quality to do it. There will be moments when we have to be in a low block and others when we have to press more. It will have to be a complete game in all aspects.”

On the locker room, a perfect atmosphere and two leaders: Benzema Y modric. “I think Luke hasn’t changed., I see more change in Karim. Luka is an exceptional professional and a player with tremendous physical and tactical quality”.

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