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Miguel Ángel Gil Marín: “It won’t be the Super League, but there will be some change”

Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, on September 18.GAA / GTRES

The CEO of Atlético de Madrid, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, commented this Wednesday regarding the Superliga project, of which the Madrid team was part as founder, that if football institutions such as FIFA and UEFA “continue in this line” of confrontations and “forcing” the clubs “to decide between mom and dad”, they “will leave home.”

“This permanent confrontation, the only thing that makes us who are in the middle is to suffer, it is like a father and a mother arguing all day, the son is in the middle. That situation can only end in one scenario, that of emancipation, I am leaving home. And this situation, if it is not remedied by the institutions, will end up happening, it will not be the Super League but there will be some change for sure ”, Gil said during the World Football Summit forum.

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“If the institutions and organizations continue in this line, it will not take long for something more work to be done, with more consensus from technical players and fans, that will give a twist to the current system. If they continue forcing us to decide between mother and father, we will leave home, ”added Atlético’s largest shareholder later in the match that takes place at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

For Gil Marín, the “war for competences, to make more games to have more resources and more power” between the different soccer institutions, the “generational period of change” with “new generations that demand new ways of viewing content”, and the differences between clubs have generated the breeding ground that led to the appearance of that Super League in April with twelve founding clubs, including Atlético, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“We are invited to be part of it and the feeling of the club’s board of directors is how we are not going to be at the table where there will be 15 clubs, which is what they present to us, the most powerful in Europe, understanding that we had earned the right for the last decade of success. How not to be at that table that is going to negotiate the future of European football ”, he defended.

However, Atlético said it was withdrawing from the project two days later, as the six English clubs (Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea) did before and simultaneously the Italians Inter and Milan.

“We took the step in just 48 hours, but it took another 48 hours to understand that we were putting two essential things at risk: one, traditional football, which had brought us here, with its good and bad parts; and on the other hand we perceive the rejection of our social mass ”, justified Ángel Gil.

The rojiblanco leader said that they changed their minds because this competition meant “breaking a tradition in a week without having developed and explained it well”, a change that from his point of view “was going to leave too many injured on the road.”

The LaLiga-CVC agreement

The rojiblanco leader also referred in his speech to the LaLiga agreement with the investment fund CVC Capital Partners, which injected 2,100 million euros to the clubs in exchange for 9% of the audiovisual income, in which Real Madrid, Barcelona do not participate and Athletic, who opposed the pact, will maintain all of their rights and have challenged the agreement of the LaLiga assembly that approved the alliance.

According to Gil Marín, this agreement must be analyzed “with the head and without passion.” “When a third party values ​​at 25,000 million euros our competition tells you the great job that has been done,” he said. “In the first minute I think about it from a financial point of view, and you can’t do it that way, because the numbers don’t come out, the interest rate is high. But if you analyze it in depth and see the depth, Atlético represents 7.8% of the rights, that is 1,800 million euros for 30% of the club’s income, that is that something great has been built ”, he explained .

“In the last to tend [subastas] of television we have had an exponential growth … But the reality, related to the pandemic but also to saturation, is that the increase in the value of rights will not maintain the growth of the last to tend. It has happened in the Premier, France, Italy, Germany, and we are trying to get for the next to tend draw, not lose like the other big leagues, “he added.

This context of fall in the value of audiovisual rights is what, for the rojiblanco leader, justifies the operation with the investment fund. “The analysis of this operation cannot be from the financial point of view, but rather from the synergy generated by CVC as a technological industrial partner, not as a financial one. In this case 1 + 1 is going to be more than 2, due to the experience they have in sports and television rights management ”, he argued.

According to Gil Marín, this 10% of Atlético’s rights that CVC will collect represents 3% of its total income. “And I have no doubt that with this investment we are going to recover more than 3% in income. In the case of Atlético it is profitable and I think that in the vast majority it will be ”, he added.

The rojiblanco leader also revealed that with the latest capital increase of 181.8 million euros of the entity, with which the US fund manager Ares Management Group enters as a shareholder of the Atlético HoldCo company, owner of 65.98% of the club, has allowed them to recover their cash deficit, which was 86 million euros at the start of 2020-21.

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