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Messi aims to play against Uruguay

Draw Messi a step by step since landing at the Ezeiza Airport that Argentina celebrates. Now he was able to round off his first training from start to finish with all his teammates. There are increasing chances that he will play this Friday against Uruguay, for the South American Qualifiers.

The only thing that remains to be defined, and it may not be known until a while before the game, is whether Leo will play starter or will go to the bench to enter later. It will be a topic that the captain will talk with the other Lionel, with Scaloni, with the coach of the albiceleste. Or will the DT decide to end the uncertainty in the press conference that will provide a while before noon this Thursday? Difficult to deactivate a mystery that of course conditions the rival technician.

Messi arrived on Monday morning and in the afternoon he performed very light tasks. He looked at him smiling and only ran for a while. The next day, on Tuesday, he already started the test with all his teammates, although in the final stretch he was set aside to carry out different tasks with Leandro Paredes, the PSG midfielder who comes out of a tear. Now, on the afternoon of Argentine Wednesday, already close to Spanish midnight, he was no longer separated at any moment. Captain Leo completed the training. And he did it without accusing any kind of pain.

All signs indicate that Messi will be able to fulfill the plan he had designed for this double knockout date, which includes another classic, on Tuesday, against Brazil in San Juan. I would play again after 14 days of inactivity. His last game had been on October 29, against Lille, for Ligue1, when he was replaced at halftime. Later, he stopped due to various ailments in his left leg that he was dragging and could not bear: a blow to the knee and muscle aches in the hamstring. He went through Madrid to deal with his problems. Now he seems ready to go back. In PSG it is not closed that he does it in Argentina, but that is how it will be. Messi wants to play and secure the World Cup qualification as soon as possible, his obsession.

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