Mateu Alemany: “Ansu stays for half of the other offers he has received” thumbnail

Mateu Alemany: “Ansu stays for half of the other offers he has received”

Mateu alemany, football director of the FC Barcelona, did not hide his satisfaction with the renovation of Ansu Fati until 2027 in which he has been working very actively in conversations with Jorge Mendes, agent of the soccer player, and Bori fati, father of the Barcelona jewel.


Renovation act Ansu Fati

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Asked if it was difficult to reach an agreement regarding the club’s objective of reducing the salary mass by 24%, Alemany was clear: “Throughout the summer it was a challenge to lower the salary mass and have the capacity for financial ‘fair play’. Once this was done, we were clear that there were two priorities for the club, which were to renew Pedri and Ansu. They are already stars and considered one of the best in Europe being U-20. Pedri He showed it at the Eurocup and is nominated for Golden boy. The two-year extension clauses were void because they were signed as minors and if they left us, what was the value of finding players like them. Worth Ansu? They were market opportunities for the rest as free players ”, argued the Barça football director.

Mateu Alemany:

In the same line of the president Joan Laporta, added to the thanks to the family and their environment: “I want to give value to the will of the family and their involvement. Ansu he stays for half of the offers he has received. Both he and Pedri we had options that were of no use. We will continue with the process of redefining the wage bill but solving the situations of Ansu and Pedri it was key ”.

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