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Marcos Llorente, the new Saúl

Marcos Llorente is one of Simeone’s undisputed in this 2021-22 season. It already was last season, where he performed at an excellent level. And the Cholo continues to trust the Madrilenian completely. And he does it knowing that he is a versatile player, since he can play in any position in the center of the field, as a winger and even at the top. Marcos Llorente has become a new Saúl, who could also play in the center of the field and as a left-handed winger. SAúl preferred to leave when he understood that this versatility did not help him improve. Marcos Llorente continues, he is fixed in the team and within a game he plays in various positions.

Marcos Llorente, 26, celebrates his third season at Atlético. It is no longer any news that he is one of the best in each game, although this exercise has not started at the level of the previous one. In six league games he has not scored. Yes he has given an assist. A starter in all matches, he has been in the league championship for 532 minutes. For Cholo it is a blessing, since he can be used almost in any position. The clash against Getafe is an example of this.

Marcos Llorente started playing on the inside, in the center of the field, helping Herrera in the creative work. Simeone opted for Correa as a right-handed inside and Carrasco as a left-handed. And above, Griezmann, with freedom of action, and Luis Suárez. Although Marcos Llorente penetrated many times on the right trying to combine with Correa. It didn’t do much damage in the first half. In the second half, and after the meeting hour, Cholo moved pieces: Trippier left and Hermoso entered, who was decisive with his centers from the left in the final stretch of the game. Then Marcos Llorente delayed his position and played as a lateral theoretician right.

Simeone moved the bench again with very little time to go. Getafe was with ten and Atlético had Luis Suárez and Cunha in the area. Hermoso put balls from the left and Carrasco tried to penetrate that side. Vrsaljko entered by Herrera and Marcos Llorente advanced his position. El Cholo looked for the overflow on the right with the two of them, in addition to Vrsaljko’s precision when throwing balls into the area. The 1-2 came in a center pumped from the right side. Thus, Llorente played for the center and for the entire right wing, either ahead or behind.

It is not the first time he has done it and it will not be the last, although everyone knows that he does more damage the closer he is to the rival area. Last season he also played as a forward before the eventual loss of a teammate. This year it will be more complicated, since there are many good forwards in the team. Simeone took Saponjic and Giuliano to Getafe to complete bench. It seems complicated that Marcos Llorente can be seen playing from the beginning.

With a market value of 80 million and with a contract until 2027 after renewing, Marcos Llorente is happy at Atlético. He feels loved by his teammates and the fans. And he knows he can win titles. You can fight for everything. Playing side, inside or on the double pivot. But always playing and contributing.

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