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Marcelino: “We have to demand more of ourselves in attack”

Marcelino He described as fair the draw of the Ciutat de València. “It was the most fair thing. We wanted to win, but in the offensive section we didn’t do enough to get it. What bothers me the most is the draw to one. We have returned to be very well behind, the rival did little to us except the stop of Unai, but offensively we generate little, the feeling is that we could have done more ”, said the Spaniard in the press room of the Levantine stadium.

“In the first half we lacked a little more precision, but we created danger and we had two clear situations. In the second half there was a moment in which the game was quite open. We were in the area with the most danger. In the final stretch, winning was a lottery, we had some, Levante also had them, everything was very difficult. To win you have to do more in the offensive section. More must be demanded of us in this area ”, the Spaniard clearly stated.

Although they have not been able to achieve the victory either, the game has been completely different from that of Cádiz. “Away from home it is difficult to win. We are the only team unbeaten at home. In terms of attitude, effort, security in defense and collective work, there is no but, but in the offensive section we should have generated more. We had opportunities to have generated more ”, reiterated that of Careñes.

The coach had an impact on this aspect. “We are a team and we have to demand more of ourselves to improve in the offensive section. You have to unbalance more, play with more depth and reach the area more. The day of Cádiz and today we have arrived less than other times. We have to demand more of ourselves in attack. There is little offensive baggage in these two games, ”the coach acknowledged.

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Marcelino has also explained the substitutions of Raúl GarcíOh Muniain. “Raul It was from a ball hit in the face, he had a headache and a lack of vision. Iker I had adductor discomfort and the field was getting heavy. We must demand more of ourselves in attack. If we don’t do it with some, we have to do it with others ”, he said regarding the change of the four attacking men that he made in the second half. They have entered the field of play Zarraga, Sancet, Nico Williams and Villalibre.

The coach has opted for Zarraga instead of Nico Williams to relieve Berenguer. “We wanted to take advantage of the windows. The field was getting very heavy, I thought it was best to put Zarraga, we needed more presence in the middle and Oier it gave us balance and depth. Nico It came from not training with us and having little participation with the national team. Then he had a very good participation in the minutes he was on the pitch ”, concluded the Athletic coach.

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