Marcelino returns to Mestalla when Bordalás begins to fill his gap thumbnail

Marcelino returns to Mestalla when Bordalás begins to fill his gap

Two years after his abrupt dismissal created a huge gap between Valencia’s top shareholder, Peter Lim, and the fans of the Mestalla club, Marcelino García Toral will return this Saturday for the first time at the Valencian stadium just when José Bordalás has begun to make him ‘forget’.

Idolized by the fans and by most of the players of that squad after having returned the team to the Champions League and having led them to lift the Copa del Rey in 2019, Marcelino was fired on September 11 of that same year. The season had already started but the results had nothing to do with that operation.

In the presentation of Albert Celades as his substitute, President Anil Murthy slipped that they were looking for a technician to bet more on the quarry. Weeks later, he assured that it was produced by the coach’s public criticism of Lim for the transfer policy. Marcelino gave his version in a press conference that he called himself and was convinced that the cause was not to ‘throw away’ the Cup as requested by the club.

The Marcelino’s departure created a schism with the squad. Dani Parejo, José Luis Gayà, Ezequiel Garay or Rodrigo They showed in one way or another their disagreement with the decision on social networks. But the gap went further and when they understood that the club, which did not give official explanations of the reasons for the dismissal, used them as a shield, they decided not to appear before the press. Celades got go out alone in the Champions League preview against Chelsea.

The bad trajectory of the team with the Catalan coach and with Javi Gracia last season kept the wound alive. It even reopened in the summer with the departure of Parejo and Rodrigo (in which there will always be the question of how his closeness to the Asturian coach influenced). So did the pictures of Marcelino hugging several members of the staff very affectionately in the visit of Valencia to San Mamés in the second round of last season, the first time they met.

In the previous one, the technician returned to launch an elegant taunt to the leaders of Lim, who also forced the departure of Pablo Longoria, technical secretary, and Mateu Alemany, CEO, but also to show his affection for the entity.

“The resentment does not exist in me as a person. I know how to differentiate the moments and I do not wish anyone any harm. The decision they made at the time, not only with me, call with Longoria and Mateu, it was the one that was. The results in both scenarios are there. If there’s one thing I can boast of, it’s not holding a grudge at all. Each one has to go on with his life, “he said before recalling the extraordinary time they lived and the” most gratifying “memory he keeps from fans and players.

With that past and the enormous differences that remain between a majority sector of the club and its leaders, a visit from Marcelino with the Mestalla capacity already set at thirty thousand fans could have been reopened the wound.

But, although a great reception for the coach is expected, the good feelings he has left in this league start José Bordalás as the team’s new coach, beyond the unexpected way of falling to Sevilla, they are expected to mitigate that situation. With him he is missed and that is why the entity trusts that the bad drink will pass better.

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