Madrid Unblocks A Trap Match In Time

Classic trap game at the Santiago Bernabéu, this time with Mallorca as a worthy visitor. Real Madrid unblocked the Balearic funnel in time thanks to the Brazilian connection and a colossal Fede Valverde to get his fifth victory of the season in five games.

The team led by Javier Aguirre was a true reflection of their coach. Intense, rocky and passionate. The Mexican built a 20-meter-long wall, which separated the line of three centrals from the giant Muriqi, spearhead of his trench in defense and attack. Madrid tried to pass through that wall, fluid with the ball but imprecise when it came to giving the last blow.

Ancelotti once again trusted Hazard as a replacement for the injured Benzema and gave him his first title since January. Ceballos also made his debut from the start, playing Modric while Kroos pivoted in the 5 position. Carletto, aware that the rival was going to wait for them, spared any stopper. Tchouaméni, who had played it all, rested.

Against Celtic, the presence of Hazard when the ball was released opened spaces for Vinicius and Valverde, powerful and vertical. But the bolt of Mallorca was far from the audacity of the Scots and it cost Madrid heaven and earth to reach the Balearic goal.

The visitors entrusted their joy to the Whites’ defensive oversights, the counterattack and the set pieces. All at Kang In Lee’s feet and Muriqi’s head. And they found fruit. The striker was about to make it 0-1 after thirty seconds with a volley that found Courtois and he did not forgive half an hour later. The South Korean sent a perfect cross from a free kick from the side and found Muriqi at the far post. This one, free of the mark of a clueless Mendy, headed to goal.

It was the award for the idea of ​​Mallorca, which from then on began an hour of pure survival against the bombing of Madrid. The white team, who had tried with several shots from outside the area, struggled to find space. Rodrygo was the most active in the attack with his diagonals, Vinicius was somewhat missing and Hazard did not shine between the lines. With these ingredients, the Madrid midfield collided again and again against the Balearic wall and the goal could only come from a break in the trench by Aguirre’s men. And it happened.

With the break knocking at the doors of the Bernabéu, Fede Valverde picked up the ball 25 meters from Courtois and accelerated towards the rival field. The Uruguayan, runaway, broke Mallorca’s lines with power, appeared at the edge of the area and sent a colossal left-footed shot to Rajkovic’s squad. A play that defines his footballing moment. Unstoppable in the open field, putting his soul into every action, believing that he can decide the games and crowning himself with a virtue that has been hidden until now: shooting.

At game time, Ancelotti shook his tree. Modric and Nacho entered for Hazard and Mendy. Rodrygo became false 9, Valverde occupied the right lane and Alaba was placed as left back. A change that improved Madrid, especially due to the mobility of Rodrygo at the top.

Mallorca had air to give Chamartín a scare, but Sánchez missed a few meters from Courtois. It was his last chance, because in the 72nd minute Rodrygo started a perfect drive to the edge and gave Vinicius for him to dribble past a defender and define a cross against the goalkeeper. The Brazilian connection, electric as always, was the plunger for Madrid, which from then on broke the rival funnel mercilessly.

Rodrygo reappeared to zigzag three rivals, enter the area, define against Rajkovic and culminate an outstanding performance with a goal. Another one for a Sunday of spectacular plays.

In the addition, the match entered into controversy, abrupt fouls and discussions between players from both teams. Even Aguirre himself confronted Vinicius, who threw a phrase at the Mexican’s face. The Brazilian had small frictions with the defense of Mallorca, quite hard on him in the final stretch of the duel, lighting up the cries of the Bernabéu. And with the duel dead, Rüdiger made his debut as a scorer by finishing off a measured cross from Kroos.

A 4-1 suffered for a Madrid that remains undefeated this season. He has won the five games he has played, has scored 15 goals, has conceded five and remains in a state of happiness in the absence of Benzema.

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