Madrid shot their salary limit for the arrival of Mbappé, and that of Barça sank to 98 million thumbnail

Madrid shot their salary limit for the arrival of Mbappé, and that of Barça sank to 98 million

The vaccination is cornering the pandemic, to the point that the Government has announced this Monday that from October 1, the League stadiums can be filled again to 100% of their capacity, and when the last restrictions are withdrawn, it can be measured with greater precision the financial trace of the coronavirus in football clubs. One of the metrics that allows it is the evolution of the cost limit of the club’s staff, whose latest figures, for this course 2021-22, LaLiga made public yesterday. In the summer of 2019, the last before the pandemic, the employers estimated that FC Barcelona could dedicate 671.4 million euros to this concept. Two summers later, it has remained at 97.8 million, after recognizing losses of 487 million in the last year. On the other side of the airlift, Real Madrid had 641 million euros that summer, 30 less than its rival. This Wednesday, however, LaLiga announced that for this season the whites have 739.2 million euros.

Later, the covid and Josep Maria Bartomeu passed through Barcelona and the following summer the spending limit dropped to 382.7 million, to finish collapsing to 97.9. At Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez chose a different route to face the impact of the coronavirus, so that the club even achieved black numbers of around one million euros during the two years that have been closed. In addition, the previous management had also followed a different path from that of Bartomeu, and the white club accumulated increases in equity and own resources over the year, which this summer allowed it to prepare its accounts for a possible arrival of figures of the caliber of Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland. The first year of the pandemic caused a drop in the spending limit from 641 million to 468.5, but in the latter market it jumped beyond the reach of the rest, to 739.2 million.

The jump was explained this Wednesday by the general director of LaLiga, José Guerra, in a session with the media to explain the latest variations in the spending limit of the clubs. “There is no more secret, it is known: assignments, sales, salary reductions. An exemplary economic management, which fixed the situation in the short term to be strong in the medium and long term. In addition, these years it has increased its own funds, never exhausting the limit; which has now given him the possibility of using the increase of more than 270 million in this summer window. I had not made use of that capacity in previous seasons, “he explained.

This time, with the options of Mbappé and Haaland on the radar for this summer or next, Florentino Pérez decided to prepare the financial scaffolding and transfer the capacity granted by the accumulated own funds to the salary limit available in case any of these were already produced. great hires.

The movement had led the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, to publicly assure for weeks that Madrid could undertake the operations it estimated. It had also caused a certain division in the Real Madrid squad. According to various sources with access to the dressing room, a group of players, particularly those closest to the end of their careers, felt betrayed this summer when they learned that Pérez had offered € 180 million for Mbappé to PSG. This occurred after having seen successive cuts in their salaries and bonuses, so they felt “betrayed” by the president. The disappointment corresponds to what the former captain, Sergio Ramos, had anticipated, who warned them not to accept the discounts, which according to him were intended only for the hiring of the French figure with whom he now shares a wardrobe.

On the other hand, there is a group of footballers, with more years of careers ahead, who understood that the squad needed to renew and incorporate a figure of the weight of Mbappé to boost their competitiveness again and allow them to win again and start a new one. virtuous wheel of wins-more income-more wins.

Other important limit variations

The new limits leave other relevant changes. Espanyol, Cádiz and Rayo Vallecano have benefited thanks to their promotion to the first division. On the other hand, Valencia becomes the most limited club with a maximum of 30.98 million (a position that Rayo occupied last season with 16.4).

As established by LaLiga, the staff cost limit is the maximum amount that each club can consume during the 2021-22 season after the summer market, and which includes spending on players, first coach, second coach and physical trainer of the first team (inscribable staff according to article 38 of the Budgeting Regulations). This limit also includes spending on subsidiaries, quarry and other sections (non-registrable staff, as defined in article 38 of the Budgeting Regulations).

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