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Luis Suárez: “Barça’s internal war hurts the players”

Luis Suarez, footballer of the Atlético de Madrid, will be one of the main focuses of interest of the match that will play the mattress box against the FC Barcelona, this saturday in the Metropolitan. It will be a special match for him. A season has passed since he left the Catalan team, the treatment he received has not yet been removed from his head. In this sense, in an interview with TVE, he sent a message to his former club. “I do not forget that last year in the preseason they sent me to train separately,” said the Uruguayan.

In addition, he said that the current situation of his old team has to do with “an internal war that hurts the players.”


“I like it, I like to assume that responsibility, that one has fought a lot to be in the football elite because they have earned it hard, statistically, I am above an individual award that they want to give me, that want to vote, I always said so, I won two golden boots in the era of Christian and Leo and I have to be proud because I won it by numbers, not because people voted for me, and that has a lot of value. I have assumed responsibility in Barcelona when Leo was not there, we played against Madrid I made three goals without Leo, in the Liverpool I had similar situations not being Gerard who was the benchmark, a legend for us, in the Ajax At the age of 21 or 22 I was captain, I have had to live situations that I value very much, I have to be proud and come to a club like him Athletic that many people doubted that it was already in quotation marks on the descent, it was a demonstration of ambition not to get bored of winning, of wanting this club to continue growing and well, what happened last year was something unique, assuming responsibility for the area Suarez as the coach said that we already talked about it at the time but enjoying that responsibility because it is nice to live with that pressure ”.


“No, not at all, not at all. Sometimes the forms hurt and more because of the trajectory that one has, because of the respect that I have always given but resentful for nothing. I remember that, just as we have lived great moments in the years that I lived in the Barcelona, we went through moments, very bad nights, of which one felt pain, sadness … because being in the Barcelona you have an obligation to win everything … whatever squad there is, you have an obligation to win everything. And not being able to respond to people in the way that was expected of one hurt me, but also in turn I think that reaching the Barcelona It’s easy, but the line is to stay at the level that I kept at the Barcelona, I have had bad and good games but my numbers in the Barcelona They talked about the fact that the average of 20 goals per season did not drop, and I do not know if there are any 9 who have managed to do that in the Barcelona, taking the difference from Leo which is a separate case and I have to feel proud of that. After the moment arrived, the forms bothered me, I already said it, they hurt, more than anything because I am a player who always gave everything to Barcelona and I have given myself completely to the club, and that they treated me like that hurt me, but also with the self-criticism of saying something happens things happen, something happens and destiny will mark who got it right and who didn’t. “


“I believe in karma, yes. Karma, fate, that they despise you, because I do not forget that last year in the preseason they sent me to train separately to make me angry and as a professional the coach said it and I was a professional and I was going to train every day without a bad face because it is what touches me because I am like that and destiny will have the end that it will have to have “.


“I do not know if he is agreeing with me, but yes … I do not like to make firewood from the fallen tree, it is said, right? But the situation that the club is experiencing hurts, for being one more culé, for having been there for many years For having friends there, for having people who work, but the club knows that things are not being done as they should be done, but then when it comes to making decisions there are people with experience who have to make those decisions. Hopefully it will be a bump from which the club returns to the situation that is in time because there is a lot of future within the club with the players who are leaving ”.


“Yes Yes i saw it. Obviously, as a professional, as a colleague, it hurts to see friends like this, head lowered, a difficult situation that the club is experiencing, and you are not happy about that, because one has feelings towards the club as I have towards him. Liverpool, to him Ajax, I worked many years in the Barcelona And if in this case we are rivals, starting today we are thinking about Saturday’s game, and I am going to defend and my job is to love the Athletic Today, I love my job, and I will try to do my best so that Atlético do well and not remember any of this. “

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