Luis Enrique: “I am very ‘happy’. You have to be optimistic” thumbnail

Luis Enrique: “I am very ‘happy’. You have to be optimistic”

Luis Enrique has no doubts. Spain will be in the World Cup, but first they have a lot of work to do. The first is to beat Greece in the first of the two ‘finals’ ahead of them and the coach was confident of achieving that first goal.

The Asturian coach assured that he does not think for a second about the game in Sweden, in which presumably the Red will play the first group place and the option of going to the World Cup by direct route.

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“You have to be optimistic and think that everything will be fine. You have to think about winning, because that creates positive energy. There will be time to think about ugly and bad things. I am very ‘happy’ and I think we can overcome this game.”

“There is no hint of doubts. There is only one game in Athens against Greece. Thinking about something else will divert us from what is most important. There will be no mistake because there is nothing more than this game,” he said.

Luis Enrique:

Luis Enrique takes with ease the strong pressure that surrounds the selection. “Every game we have had pressure. The problem is that there is not. This team has shown that with pressure it has always performed. Without pressure we would not be the Spanish team”. For the coach “Spain has to be obliged to win every game.” “The illusion that we have to win these two games is so great … There is the same pressure and responsibility as always,” he added.

Luis Enrique warned that Greece has been growing in this qualifying phase. “Greece has been improving and has a chance of qualifying. They have changed the tactical system. Thanks to that they have played very good games. I look forward to a motivated Greece, with its people. It is a very good defensive team. It will cost us with him. ball and also without it. We have to press well, because they know what to do with it, “he explained.

RDT and Morata

The Asturian has had to vary his squad list due to injuries, something that does not concern him. The coach spoke of Morata and Raúl de Tomás, who could debut with La Roja.

“Morata is at his level. I see him predisposed. I am delighted with the new ones. At RDT we really want to see him. He is a purer forward who can also be associated, he has a goal,” said the scorer Perico.

Play knowing the result of Sweden

Spain will play knowing the result of Georgia-Sweden, something that Lucho does not like. “I would have preferred to play at the same time. It will not be a motivation. We are not interested in that game. We depend on us and our performance. It interests me that we are focused on winning our game,” he stressed.

Luis Enrique:

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