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Lucas Vázquez, the silent ‘hero’ of Real Madrid

Lucas Vazquez He is one of those players that any coach in the world wants to have in his squad. He is one of those footballers who sacrifices himself for the group, who plays wherever they put him without complaining, without pouting. The Galician is one of the silent heroes of the Real Madrid squad. Another of those players is Nacho, another youth squad who has spent his entire life at the white club and who gives his all in every game.

A good example of the work of Lucas andn Real Madrid is that he has gone from right winger to winger until he became the replacement for Carvajal. It was Zidane andl first saw him to a side and Ancelotti It is clear that right now, he is number one to replace Carvajal. Lucas has smoothly adapted to this new position with no complaints.

In Almería, the Galician was one of Real Madrid’s best in the league debut. Well defensively, in attack he always created danger, to the point that he scored the equalizer in the second half. Lucas Vázquez was decisive for the white team in their victory in Almería. “I’m happy to help the team with the goal and the win is the most important thing”, said the Galician player who came to Real Madrid in 2007 to play in the quarry after the match. He left for Espanyol and hand in hand with Benitez, He returned to Real Madrid in the 2014/15 season.

Lucas Vazquez He has a contract with Real Madrid until 2024 after renewing in 2021. Of course, he was close to leaving the white club before that renewal, but he ended up signing to continue being one of those silent heroes of Real Madrid.

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