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Lopetegui: “They said there would be no penalties, and the first one to the forehead”

Julen Lopeteguicoach of Sevilla, he was very angry for the way his team has fallen in Pamplona. the basque coach he has referred to the penalty indicated against his own and that he has decided the match.

“Just when they had told us that these actions were not going to be sanctioned, they gave us a penalty that I do not understand. They had told us that the ‘penalties’ were not going to be awarded. That the penalties should be a forceful act of justice. I guess to understand what he has whistled. And I think it has not been fair”, said the Sevilla coach resignedly.

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It’s a decision we have to acceptwith displeasure, but accept it”, he added, visibly upset.

On the development of the match, he defended the work of his own. “They have entered better than us, then we took the pulse, we had the draw and we were able to make it 1-2. And in the second half we were being superior, with dangerous transitions and a decisive action has come”, he said in the press room, to continue claiming the key play. “It is a difficult action to understand. We had a meeting whose central argument of Medina Cantalejo was to put an end to penalties, understanding that a penalty had to be something forceful, something fair, a very clear hand, a kick… But a play leaving the area, a player who is not high, who opens his arm defending the position… In the meeting they told us absolutely the opposite. The first in the forehead for us, “he stressed.

In the second half we also had two quite clear situations in transitions with an advantage in which we may have missed the last pass. Papu’s action that whistled offside was also very clear. And then, with the penalty, he got complicated”, he underlined, admitting that perhaps his team did not deserve to win but remembering that “we have done positive things to obtain better results”.

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