Lewandowski Enjoys Before The Misfortune Of The Elche

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Soccer is our methadone because it’s funny, but above all it’s tragic. And perhaps nothing hooks more than misery. [Narración y estadísticas]

Elche suffered it against a Barcelona that was limited to enjoying to the beat of the hammer blows of Lewandowski (two more goals, eight in the League), and in a Camp Nou that came too fast for him. With justice, they expelled him Verdu, one of its three plants, at a quarter of an hour. got mad with Kessie, whose arms, more than extremities, seemed quixotic windmill blades. And she saw how Francisco, his coach, the referee took him out of the game before the break after getting fed up claiming offsides in Barça goals. The VAR approved the first two -Lewandowski and Memphis- and denied another to Pedriprecisely the one that led to the red card for the visiting coach.

In the sunny Barcelona afternoon, Xavi Hernandez He was able to turn the page on that fall in Munich in which the praise of defeat became the norm. The five changes in the eleven (entered Eric Garcia, Bucket, DeJong, Kessie Y memphis by Christensen, Mark Alonso, Busquets, Gavi Y raphinha) helped revitalize a Barcelona whose seas parted at the first blink of an eye.

De Jong, very awake this time as a midfielder, gracefully enabled Lewandowski. The Pole went like a demon towards the goal of Badia when Verdú chose to grab him and throw him to the ground. to the referee Muniz Ruiz He had no choice but to expel him.

The Elche footballers, however, also demanded justice for the recurrent arm wrestling of Kessie. boye He came out badly and with a bloody nose and a few foxes after a first impact that resulted in a yellow card. Later, given the insistence of the Ivorian in stretching the blades without any modesty, Loyalty Y John Nwankwo they tried unsuccessfully to tear off the red one. They weren’t lucky. But, just in case, Xavi no longer let Kessié go out after the intermission. His party, beyond all that, brought him closer to nonsense.

By then Barcelona had already resolved the afternoon with sufficiency. Perhaps it could not be less against an Elche that arrived at the Camp Nou as last classified and with two goals in favor as the only booty this season. The only time he approached Ter Stegen It was in the 90th minute. The German goalkeeper’s hair grew from waiting so long.

Lewandowski was responsible for the inaugural Barça goal, and he didn’t even need to finish off, but pounced towards the ball that Balde put on him with great precision. He reappeared the beardless lane to find Memphis at 2-0. The Dutchman, after rejecting his departure in the summer market and despite being aware that his role has nothing to do with that of yesteryear, took advantage of the day to rise up. His goal combined art and rage. He turned with the sole as the axis and, already facing the goalkeeper, crowned with the soul.

Elche, sunk, could only hide behind, trust that Badia would stop as many as he could (up to six), and wait for Barcelona to slow down in the second half to the rhythm of the entry of relievers such as ansu Y Fernando Torres. Before, that yes, Lewandowski hunted the 3-0 in an action that Dembélé had initiated, who claimed a place in the team despite brand new paternity last night.

Dembélé, as incomprehensible as he is enigmatic -an anomaly in a society that rewards exhibitionism- doesn’t want to miss anything in this new stage that Barça is enjoying so beautifully.

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