Lewandowski Changes Everything

peel off Robert Lewandowski the light of special footballers. The radiance of someone who not only plays to score and win, but to transcend. When he makes the network his own, his gaze burns and corrupts the suspicions of a twilight that, at 34 years old, does not even hint. The Pole has proposed to tear Barcelona from the European subsoil, from martyrdom, after a time when the Champions League could only be played on the scaffold. With Lewandowski, Barça does not survive. Lives. It is much prettier.

The Polish striker caught his first hat trick like azulgrana. Two treacherous caresses with a thread from the front, and a header on the plate. There are already eight goals in five games. But his production goes far beyond the auction. He offers exits to the extremes, provides paths to the interiors and, with that big body that he takes care of so much, he expresses himself in the pressure, forcing his teammates to follow his example. To the beat of Lewandowski’s attacks, the team of Xavi Hernandez it went far beyond a taken-for-granted win against lowly Viktoria Plzen.

Perhaps the games against the Czech team are the only ones that Barcelona can take in relative stride given the tough challenges ahead in Munich and Milan. Hence, Xavi saw an ideal time to manage breaks and tame egos. Jordi Albato which the arrival of Mark Alonso I could finish embedding him in the bottom of the bank, he liked it as a starter. Pique played his first minutes of the season after replacing Sergio Robertwhich ended with muscular discomfort. Koundéthis time as a left central defender, continued his good fortune and offered another assist in the scoring debut of Kessiewho used his head as if it were a hammer before offering the military salute with which he pays tribute to his father, a former soccer player and soldier who died when Kessié was 11 years old. ansumeanwhile, was able to continue his difficult return to the competitive elite before being replaced by Fernando Torreswho was able to join the scoring festival in the second half.

Although the game against the hard-working Czechs could not admit anything other than a Barcelona party, Xavi could not hide his concern at what happened after the 1-0. the giant Chory fumbled a ball into the run of flycatcherwho prepared to fight a duel against Ter Stegen. Christensen He went looking for him and the Colombian ended up on the ground in the area. The referee pointed to the penalty spot and grabbed the red card to send off the Dane. But that was before the VAR warned the judge that he should go to the monitor to correct himself. Mosquera had slapped Christensen before being knocked down. And he could not help but point out the fault of the attacker and forgiveness for the defender.

It didn’t take long for Lewandowski to finish relieving Barcelona after Pedri, with his tiny booty, threw Sergi Roberto down the throat on the run. The Pole focused his way. In full ecstasy, and a minute from the end of the first act, sykora took advantage of a collective oversight to close the gap. But Dembeleunleashed on recovery, helped bring the night back into place by telegraphing an assist to the head of the nine.

Ferran Torres, with the match resolved, had time to show after the break that it would be a mistake to forget about his presence. A great oversight move made it easy for Lewandowski to make it 4-1. And the Valencian striker went further with a volley with which he released more frustration than anger.

Barcelona recovered its self-esteem on stage where it got used to suffering decrepitude. And the Camp Nou was delivered to an explosion of happiness that is still strange. It is the bipolarity of football.

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