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Levante and Athletic draw in the rain

I raised and Athletic they needed the three points at stake in the Ciutat to solve their respective qualifying emergencies. The zero tie, under such a perspective, leaves both contestants in a situation very similar to that before the start of the duel. The rain ended up becoming one more enemy in the Valencian night pass through water.

Equality was the dominant tonic from start to finish. Both contenders had their moments to decant the duel, but neither of them managed to beat the goals defended by Cárdenas and Unai Simon. The rojiblanco international goal, yes, made the stop of the night with a volley from De Frutos.

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Pereira it still hasn’t taken the whole granota out of the relegation zone. Marcelino Nor has he just managed to get his team into the European ointment. The Asturian coach, seen what was seen on the soaked visitor grass, did not hurt clothes when it came to ending a team full of puppies at an offensive level.

The I raised, who had just lost in Mendizorrotza before the break, presented three changes in his starting eleven. Mustafi, Clerc and Roger entered for Duarte, Franquesa and Soldado, respectively. Cárdenas, for his part, repeated under sticks to the detriment of former rojiblanco Aitor Fernández.

Marcelino He also introduced three variations on his starting kit. Iñigo Martinez entered by Nuñez in the rear, Vencedor by Vesga in the double pivot and Raúl García by Sancet in the lead. The Asturian coach, with Vivian injured, thus put into play what can be considered as his gala eleven this season.

The clash began with visiting dominance, a header from Iñigo Martínez that went slightly off track and an elbow from Roger in the face of Dani García who remained yellow and could have been red. The granotas, after shaking off the initial dominance of the lions, did not take long to have a good chance. De Frutos’ header went slightly off track.

One against Williams, with a bad final pass to Berenguer without Cardenas under sticks, a Campaign clearance with his arm raised before Yeray that the referee after consulting with the VAR decided that it was not a penalty and a foul shot from Bardhi They served as a closure to a boring, fought and run-down first half.

The football did not go to more after the rest. The rain, yes. In difficult conditions to maintain balance, the minutes went by with hardly any arrivals in front of both goals. Marcelino chose to vary his entire offensive arsenal. Zarraga and Sancet were the first to leave. Villalibre and Nico Williams they did it later. Nico Serrano was the last to appear on the Bilbao side after Villalibre himself was injured.

Pereira turned to Vukcevic after being injured Malsa. Duarte and Dani Gómez left shortly after. Miramón and Soldado completed the local substitution carousel. A good intervention by Unai Simón shot by De Frutos and another by Cárdenas shot by Nico Williams were the most outstanding notes in this final phase of the crash. The marker, however, did not move.

3. 4 Cardenas 1 U. Simon
2 They are 86 ‘ fifteen I. Lekue
(16 R. Soldier) 5 Yeray
13 S. Mustafi 73 ‘ 4 Í. Martinez
(6 OR. Duarte) 24 M. Balenziaga
14 R. Vezo 7 Alex Berenguer 55 ‘
19 Carlos Clerc (19 Zarraga)
12 M. Malsa 60 ‘ 14 Dani Garcia
(17 N. Vukcevic) 16 Unai Victor
24 J. Campaign 10 I. Muniain 66 ‘
10 E. Bardhi 73 ‘ (30 N. Williams)
(twenty-one Dani gomez) 22 Raúl García 55 ‘
18 J. De Frutos (8 O. Sancet)
9 Roger 86 ‘ 9 I. Williams 66 ‘
(twenty Miramon) (twenty Villalibre)
eleven Morales


Cards:L Roger (6 ‘), Yeray (16’), R. Vezo (93 ‘)L

Referee: Jose Luis Munuera Montero

Spectators: 15,600 in the Ciutat de València

THE BEST Unai Simón’s performance under the sticks
WORST Levante still without winning 14 days later

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