Ledesma Stops A Villarreal Who Continues To Forgive

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The Villarreal continues to forgive more than a team that aspires to catch a place in the Champions League can afford. what happened in Cadiz It is not new because it already happened against Betis and Sevilla and it makes those of Unai Emery they have added only two points from the last nine.

Part of the blame for the goalless draw at the Nuevo Mirandilla must be attributed to Conan Ledesma, who saved the furniture for his team, especially in a start dominated by the yellows. The Argentine dealt well with a couple of shots from Baena Y jackson and he was also very attentive to get out quickly at the feet of the Senegalese and deprive him of the shot after a shipment of Kiko Feminia in a counterattack, a method with which the people of Castellón managed to generate more danger.

Thus came the best chance of the first half, after a steal by Parejo that ended with the ball at the feet of Lo Celso, after a pass from Jackson. The Argentine found himself with the entire goal for him and a Ledesma practically sold out but his left-footed shot was not even between the three sticks.

triple change

It was more difficult for Emery’s men to find gaps when they caught the Cadiz defense positioned. Beyond the lack of goals that is showing at this start of the season, the team of Sergio He is clear that escaping from the lower zone forces him to improve in defense and he seems to be applying himself to that. In attack, on the other hand, he did not make much noise beyond some addition of Espino to the attack or Alejo’s maneuvers. A center from Valladolid finished off by Nephew forced Rulli to stretch to deflect for a corner in his only intervention before the break.

However, the triple change introduced by Sergio at match time changed the scenario. The technician oxygenated his attack giving entrance to Lucas Perez and Choco Lozano and Cádiz managed to put Villarreal in trouble as they continued to miss out on chances. stone He sent a ball to the post after one of his few additions to the attack, which Lo Celso perfectly intuited to put the ball behind the defense. Shortly after, Ledesma reappeared to act as a savior in a hand against Jackson, which culminated in a very vertical counterattack by the Castellón team after a recovery by Lo Celso and a first pass by Baena.

constant racking

It was the last great opportunity for a Villarreal team that saw Cádiz begin to gain prominence from then on and also have their chances, as a result of the constant movement through the Castellón area. Lucas Pérez practically ran into a clearance from Pau in the small area and couldn’t pin down his shot, which went wide of it. Y Rulli He did not want to be less than his compatriot and also prevented Villarreal from being defeated after a great intervention in a one-on-one with Lozano, who also put a great ball to the second that Lucas Pérez narrowly missed.

Already in the discount, Cádiz was left without iza after the winger grabbed Danjuma when he was already facing the goal alone to prevent the good game of Sergio’s men from going to waste against a Villarreal that continues to forgive.

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