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La Real Declares A State Of Euphoria

‘Here it is, this is it, the txapeldun team’. La Real settles in a state of euphoria after achieving the first victory in its history on a great European stage with a very young team with native overtones. The victory against Manchester United at Old Trafford introduced Imanol’s men to a new dimension, making them move on to the next screen, to being able to compete beyond the Pyrenees as well. What happened on Thursday before 1,000 ‘realzales’ who lived a glorious day, is a historic milestone, although it was not a final or a determining match. Nobody will forget it.

And not only was it commendable to win against one of the most powerful clubs in Europe -the second that has spent the most to configure its squad: 1,001 million euros-, it also turned out to be the way of managing it. La Real put the pike in Old Trafford with a team that had a very low average age of 24.3 years and ended up employing eight footballers -seven of them finished the game- forged in their quarry, of the 16 who took part. Evolution merges with tradition in a climate of ambition.

And it is that the txuri urdin squad finished the match with Alone, Aritz, Pacheco Y Aihen on defense; Zubimendi Y Turrientes in the middle zone; Y barrenetxea in the attack: seven soccer players grown in Zubieta. And he barely struggled against players for whom Manchester United paid between 60 and 100 million euros.

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Attack and draw changed

La Real tries to establish itself in the elite and continue reaping success after its great feat of lifting the Copa del Rey in 2021. The curious thing is that the evolution of that winning squad also implies a certain transformation in the physiognomy and the game system of that team that touched glory a year and a half ago. Regarding that ‘eleven’, Imanol made six changes at Old Trafford: Aritz, Pacheco, Aihen, Brais, Kubo Y sadiq by Zubeldia, Le Normand, Montreal, For your, Isaac Y Oyarzabal. With the ’10’ injured, he has already completely changed the attack of that team that brought Gipuzkoa to ecstasy: For your, Isaac Y Januzaj they have left and Oyarzabal It has no return date.

They have come instead Cho, Kubo Y sadiq and, at least for now, Real has not deviated from its path. The game scheme is the other factor of change. Imanol He has remained faithful to that 4-4-2 with a diamond in the spinal cord that breaks with the hitherto untouchable tradition of the 4-3-3 with wingers. The technician wants to give prominence to a 24-carat gold stocking, the one formed by Zubimendi, Brais, Merino Y Silva.

La Real landed yesterday afternoon from Manchester and touches another complex process: the mental landing, the return to earth to face Getafe tomorrow.

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