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Kroos’s message to Casemiro… at four in the morning

Casemiro said goodbye to Real Madrid in an emotional act in which he praised on more than one occasion Modric and Kroos, sus teammates in the Real Madrid midfield, which is historic.

The Brazilian player explained that it was difficult to tell Modric and Kroos that he was leaving Real Madrid. “It was just as difficult as when I told the president,” Casemiro assured that he revealed an episode with Tony Croos. “Toni sent me a message at 4 in the morning asking me if it was true that I was leaving or not,” said Casemiro, who explained that Kroos “was sick,” recovering from the flu.

Casemiro He did not answer him if he was leaving or not, he told him “Toni, it’s 4 o’clock, if you don’t want to sleep okay, but let the others sleep,” the Brazilian explained with a laugh in the Valdebebas press room.

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