Kessie took less than half an hour to get kicked out thumbnail

Kessie took less than half an hour to get kicked out

The Milan went to the game against him Atlético de Madrid with the clear slogan of beating them in intensity. Such was the intensity they imposed on the party that Franck kessie he had to leave before half an hour of the game after seeing two yellow cards on Marcos Llorente placeholder image.

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The first yellow came at 15 minutes when he made a first foul on ’14’ of the Atlético de Madrid. It was clear that one of the missions of the rossonero midfielder was to stop what they already know is one of the greatest dangers of the rojiblanco team.

And in the 29th minute came the second warning. This time he went over braking and stepped on Marcos Llorente placeholder image when he was going to receive the ball. Cüneyt Çakir who was very attentive did not hesitate for a moment and showed him the second yellow.

A just expulsion that gave a break to the Atlético de Madrid in a match that was losing 1-0 at the time and in which he was being outscored by Milan.

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