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Joaquín: “This year I’m playing less, but it’s the law of life”

Joaquin Sanchez, captain of the Real Betis, has participated this Tuesday with Sergio Barbosa ‘Doubt’ in the interview with the director of La Academia del Malaga CF in the program ‘Área Malaguista’ on 101tv. Joaquin He played two seasons in the Malaga from Manuel Pellegrini, who is now his coach in the Betis, together with the one who is “living a time that, fortunately, seems to be beautiful. We have started well. The experience with him is good because I already know him from the time of Malaga and we are in that project where we want to be in the area of up “, the portuense explained.

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Joaquin arrived at Malaga with 30 years, after six seasons in the first team of the Real Betis and five in the Valencia CF, and many thought that he was already retired, but he is still active in his 40s: “They are going to have to pour me out with hot water. Seven or eight years have passed, imagine. I am going to try to enjoy this season, the minutes I have. This year I am playing a lot less but I understand that it is a law of life and you have to enjoy it too, “said Betico.

JoaquinHe recalled his time at La Rosaleda and the love he has for the blue and white team. “I follow him. For me it is like a second home because of what I lived there and the affection they have for me, which is mutual,” indicated the Betic. “Now things have been straightened out, the team is winning. It is a new project, for young people. It is not easy to compete in Second Division, there are great teams,” he indicated, while launching a wish: “That they return to First what as soon as possible and we can enjoy a Malaga in Primera “.

“That they return to Primera as soon as possible and we can enjoy a Málaga in Primera”

Joaquin SanchezReal Betis footballer and former Málaga CF player

For Joaquin, the two campaigns he lived in the Malaga they were a “glorious” time. “All of us who lived that experience of being able to go to a new Malaga … That in two years we would do what we did, it will go down in history. Those of us who were lucky enough to share a dressing room, we talked about it, because it was extraordinary.”

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