Joan Laporta Charges Against The Captains And Returns To Defend The Super League

The ordinary general assembly of Barça, the third held in a mostly telematic way in the entire history of the club, once again reinforced his confidence in the management at the head of the club of Joan Laporta. Although, for the moment, participation continues to be one of the weakest points of what, in fact, is the highest governing body of the club. Of the 4,451 members called as delegates, at 12:00 a maximum of 919 were accredited and in the economic votes, the bulk of a very broad agenda, in fact, many fewer participated. In all of them, despite the petitions presented by the current board of directors, they won by an overwhelming majority.

The delegates approved all the numbers presented, no matter how many votes were needed for each of the two economic sections. Despite the practically blind yes that was given at the time to the activation of the famous economic levers, LaLiga demanded that the partners reaffirm their support. «The ratification was an imposition of LaLiga to be able to register players. No problem: we are doing it. I would have liked LaLiga to have shown this care before, when exorbitant contracts were signed that were deposited at its headquarters, ”said the president with a dart for the management of Bartomeu’s board, no matter how much he partly softened his speech against her assuring that his mistake was trying to compete with the state clubs.

In the first of the economic votes, the 681 accredited delegates at that time ratified the sale of 10% of the television rights to Sixth Street for 25 years in exchange for 265 million euros (of which in fact 207, 5 because the future repurchase of the same has already been discounted) with 591 votes in favor, 38 against and 18 blank. The settlement of the financial year corresponding to the 2021-22 season, which finally presented benefits of around 98 million euros, while it was approved by the 615 delegates authorized at that time by 548 votes in favor, 43 against and 24 blank.

The approval of the budgets for the current campaign, 2022-23, according to Laporta, “the best in history”, of course, was also ratified by a large majority of the accredited delegates. In this case, through three different votes. In the first of these, the ratification of the sale of the remaining 15% of the television rights for 25 years to the Sixth Street fund in exchange for 400 million euros (of which 311 will actually be paid because the amount corresponding to the future repurchase), 474 of the 526 delegates authorized at that time voted in favor, while 39 voted against and 13 voted blank. The sale of 49 percent of the electronic assets of Barça Studios (including fan tokens, NFTs or the metaverse) to and Orpheus Media in exchange for 200 million euros, meanwhile, was approved with 460 votes in favour, 39 against and seven abstentions of the 527 authorized delegates. The budget for this course, which provides for ordinary income of 1,255 million euros, finally received 478 votes in favor, 35 against and 15 blank of the 542 delegates authorized for that vote.

criticism of the captains

Laporta, in his opening speech, was very critical of LaLiga. And not only because of the imposition of ratifying all the economic levers previously authorized by the Barça assembly. “Despite the 857 million euros obtained, LaLiga said that it was not enough to be able to also register Koundéand this directive, together with Mateu Germany, guaranteed 10 million euros, ”recalled the president, who once again stuck out his chest for the agreement on television rights closed with Sixth Street and, at the same time, defended the need for the Super League. “The situation in European football is worrying. The clubs assume all the risks and all the costs. For this reason, 38 LaLiga clubs have sold their TV rights to CVC for 50 years. We did not see it well, it is very respectable, but we do not consider it recommendable. We thought we could do better. European football is in a negative dynamic of attendance at stadiums and television coverage and it is difficult to attract young people, seduced by other forms of entertainment », he pointed out.

“The existence of state clubs generates an obvious imbalance. The mistake of the previous board was to try to compete with these state clubs, which do not have control mechanisms and do not abide by the rules of fair play and even have what we define as financial doping. It seems that you have to choose between having a competitive workforce or not compromising economic viability. Nobody stops him. UEFA seems to encourage it. That is why we advocate for the Super League. These inequalities will be avoided and it will be the clubs that govern our destiny. It makes me laugh when the state clubs say that the Super League clubs are the rich ones. Have no doubt that it would be an open League, based on meritocracy and respecting the state leagues. If the EU resolution is favourable, we will be able to work without pressure to propose a competition format that is to everyone’s liking”, stressed a Laporta who, in turn, sent a harsh message to the players who earn the most in the club, like the captains, and their reluctance to make a new effort to register all the signings.

«We have tried it, with several players and not only has it not come out but we have had to guarantee 10 million. But we accept it with sportsmanship », explained the Barça president, who wanted to record that he knows very well that the famous levers cannot be a usual tonic for the entity. “Levers are exceptional measures at exceptional times. We are conscious. We do not have a state behind or a tycoon, nor do we want them. Nor do we want those who want to protect Barça from a distance and those who want things to go badly for Barça. And we send a message to these: Barça is owned by the members, who decide the present and future of the club, ”said the president, who, on the other hand, announced the immediate application of one of the compensation negotiated with Spotify : the inclusion of Catalan in its services.

“Spotify has understood the idiosyncrasies of Barça and the commitment to the Catalan language. For this reason, I can proudly announce that this October it will launch its website and application in Catalan. It was a commitment that we had with all of you and I am pleased to announce it, “said the top Barcelona leader.

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