Januzaj: a 26-year-old ‘grandfather’ thumbnail

Januzaj: a 26-year-old ‘grandfather’

When Real signed him only four years ago, he passed for being the eternal promise of United, the young man who came to LaLiga to showcase that 24-karat football that the last coaches of the ‘red devils’ had not let him expose. Who was going to tell him then that in 2021 he was going to become the oldest footballer in an extraordinarily young Real line-up and mediated by the absence of 10 footballers.

23.6 years was the average age of the 11 players who jumped onto the pitch from the beginning, eight homegrown players, one rookie like Turrientes and a footballer who debuted as Lobete, both become the two representatives of the subsidiary. And even so, the San Sebastian team came out to the game with the knife between their teeth and after the break, they redoubled their bet for victory.

With Turrientes, there are already 25 footballers that he has had to employ in seven league games Imanol Sheriff, four of them from the subsidiary: Christ, Turrientes, Lobete and Valera, the four present before Elche.

The future is assured with the quality of the heirs


The photos of Real Sociedad – Elche

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