Jackson Arrives On Time To Qualify Villarreal

Villarreal remains fully in the group stage of the Conference League after beating Austria Vienna in more trouble than expected after the 5-0 win over Manfred Schmid’s team last week. A solitary goal Jackson in the 87th minute after a gray party of the castellonenses allowed them to add three points (0-1) which mathematically certify their presence in the continental competition qualifiers. The Senegalese, noted in recent weeks for his lack of success in front of goal, appeared on time coming off the bench to take advantage of the first chance he had and score his second goal of the season.

Emery continued with his plan to play with the second unit although some regular starters slipped into the Vienna eleven. Albiol played out of necessity for Mandi to cover the loss of Kiko Femenía on the right side, although the Valencian gave up his place at half-time to Pau. More unexpected was the presence of Lo Celso, who accompanied Danjuma in the attack.

The Dutchman was practically the only one who generated some danger in a very gray first half, with the Castellón team clearly dominating the ball but with hardly any depth except on the few occasions when the ball reached Danjuma. His best chance came from a center by Mojica that the striker headed slightly off target, sending the ball very close to the post. Before he had already tried a couple of shots that did not find a goal either.

Austria Vienna had no qualms, despite playing at home, waiting locked up behind and trying to get out quickly on the counterattack as soon as they regained the ball. He lacked, yes, precision when it came to finding his strikers in his long deliveries. What the Austrian team did achieve is to cover the hole that Chukwueze made in the Ciutat de València match the previous week. Up to four footballers came to cover the Nigerian’s internships on the right wing as long as he did not generate danger and they succeeded.

On the left, Villarreal did not generate too much beyond a rise from Mojica, who became practically extreme when the ball was in the possession of his team, which then left a defense of three. On that left wing, Emery placed Álex Baena, who did not find a way to generate the danger that he is accustomed to.

The one who had a rather placid afternoon on his return to the team was Pepe Queen. The goalkeeper barely had a job against a very inaccurate Austria Vienna when it came to attacking the Castellón goal and they didn’t put much effort into looking for it either despite the fact that they needed the points so as not to seriously compromise their chances of qualifying for the qualifiers. The goalkeeper resolved the most dangerous action of the Viennese with a good save, a shot by Keles who was looking for the squad already in the final stretch of the match.

The script did not change after the break, with a dominant Villarreal but with little depth and who had a hard time generating chances. Emery took advantage of Coquelin’s injury to make a double offensive change, removing Morales and Jackson to delay Lo Celso’s position in midfield.

The changes took time to work for the Villarreal coach because his team still did not reach the goal with danger but they finally took effect because it was three of the fresh players who generated the action that ended in the goal that sealed their ticket for the playoffs. They had, yes, with the collaboration of Polster, who was confident when trying to control a ball that Yeremy stole from him to send quickly towards Morales’ internment in the area. With some luck, the man from Madrid took the ball and gave it back to the center, where Jackson appeared to finish off the net.

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